(Black Food Truck Sunday) May 19th

Black Food Truck Sunday
Recess University

Date: 5/19/2019
Time: 4 to 9pm
Check-in: 2-3pm

This agreement by and between Black Business Owners of Charlotte (Client) and (Vendor) and shall commence on
May 19th, 2019 will be considered
agreed and valid upon signature by both parties.
All activities and services provided by the Vendor will be supervised by the Client’s staff/volunteers as
listed below and will be applicable to the following terms and conditions.

Food-Trucks only (Must have Sanitation Permit)
(includes desserts etc)
Early Bird Ended
May 14-18th $150

Retail Vendors (includes handmade items)
Early Bird Ended
May 14-18th $75

•Artists Only (Painters, Photographers etc)
Early Bird Ended
Thru May 18th $50

Deadline to Register: Final Deadline: May 18th

Once you complete the Vendor Agreement an invoice will be sent to you within 24 hours of your category is available. We expect you to be ready to secure vendor slot upon completing this vendor agreement. The invoice will be canceled for non-payment after 48hours.

Forms of Payments accepted:
Cash App
Google Wallet
Apple Pay
(We do NOT accept PayPal)

~Up to 3 vendors per category
(You can pay for two additional slots if you want to be the only vendor in your category)

Filled Categories: N/A

~Electricity: Due to limited outlets. We cannot ensure everyone has access to Electricity. Thus Electricity Will Not be provided. Outside Vendors are welcome to bring gas-operated Generators.

The scope of engagement portion of this vendor agreement template provides both parties an
area to acknowledge any and all terms in regards to the services the vendor will provide.

Food Truck and Non-Food Truck Vendors Agree to the Following:

*Vendors are to sale items within Scope of Merchandise listed on Registration.
(IE If you stated cupcakes,etc do not bring Jewelry)
*Event Will be Held From 4-9pm
Shout-out(s): No Individual Shoutouts will be administered during this event. However, We will encourage guests to Shop with All Vendors.
Online Shoutouts: We will Shoutout vendors as a group within out FB event. If you would like an individual FB shoutout the fee is $25 for 2 individual shoutouts between date of registration and date of event.
Expected Crowd (no guarantee): 750-1000 guests
(We have seen an influx in attendance exceeding 1500+ and we encourage vendors to be prepared for a larger crowd)
Set-up: Check-in is from 2-3pm.
We want all Vendors in Place and ready to sale at 3:30pm
All Vendors arriving after 4pm will Not be permitted for Entrance and Fee is non-refundable.
Please make arrangements to arrive On Time.

Do NOT Break Down prior to 9pm or when advised by a BBOC representative.
You may cover your station with a Table Cloth if you need to leave your station.
Non-Food Trucks (Only)
*Vendors are to Bring ONE Table (4-6ft), a Chair, and 2 Table Cloths.(one for table
and one to cover items if you need to leave for bathroom etc or need to stop selling
Additional Table: If you would like to bring an extra table the fee is $25 and must be Pre-approved.
Please DO NOT ASK the Venue FOR A TABLE or any other accommodation.
If you need assistance please see a BBOC representative.

~Vendors may be housed inside or outside dependent on final location and weather.
Food Trucks (Only)
Food Truck Vendors are to Bring Someone to Handle customer Service.
If you have a Line, please provide some type of Ticket system so that people will have certainty that they will be
Bring a Trash Can. This will help maintain a
cleaner environment and increase lighting in your immediate area, for your Guests being
served. Do Not leave your Trash. It is a $25 Fine if you leave trash bags.
We will provide lighting but ask that you Bring additional lighting, if capable.
We Rarely Cancel* but if we are forced to cancel due to weather or unforeseen circumstances: Fees are Non-Refundable, however we transfer fees to another event with available slots up to 90 days from day of event. Fees cannot be transferred to BE Entrepreneur Summit or CBRW events.
*We don’t refund bc we still have to cover permits and insurance and your fees cover both.

If Vendor No-Show or Cancel: FEES or NON-Refundable and Non-transferable.
Payment Terms
ALL payments are due upon receipt. After 48hrs invoices may be canceled to avoid overbooking. If you pay your invoice after the deadline, an adjusted invoice may be sent and full payment must be secured prior to event.
For example; if you are sent an invoice for the early bird fee of $100 and you send a payment of $100 but pay after deadline for that fee amount,you we will be forwarded an additional invoice to cover the appropriate fee amount.
Permits: Food Vendors agree to have already obtained the necessary permits prior to registering
Official BBOC Membership:
Become an Official Premiere Member of BBOC and once fees are paid in full (updated May 1st),
you will receive a 25% discount (in addition to other perks) towards the vendor fee. (FYI: If you secured premier membership before May 1st, you are grandfathered until Jan 1st, 2019)
To register visit www.BBOCLT.com and pay the monthly Premiere membership Fee. The Discount is immediate upon payment receipt.
If you have questions not addressed within this vendor agreement, contact us here: bbocvendors@gmail.com (Please read over agreement again, to ensure your concern was not addresses

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