Puzzle Rojak 2 Feedback Form
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What team did you hunt with?
How many members did you have on your team?
How many working hours did your team spend on this hunt (a rough estimate will do)?
Which puzzles did you enjoy most? What did you like about them?
Are there any puzzles that were not as enjoyable to solve? Which parts did you not enjoy?
We would really appreciate if you could give us feedback on individual puzzles on the individual puzzle survey pages as well!
Please rate how much you agree with the following statements.
Use the default column labels, unless otherwise stated. Additional comments on each aspect can be given below.
1 (Strongly disagree)
2 (Disagree)
3 (Neutral)
4 (Agree)
5 (Strongly agree)
I enjoyed this hunt.
On this hunt, I spent [1: less - 5: more] time than expected
I found this hunt too [1: easy - 5: hard].
The puzzles were well-designed.
The hunt structure (e.g. unlocks, hints, guess limits etc.) was fair and did not impede my solving experience.
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Any funny stories or moments to share?
We may include a compilation of your stories in the wrap-up. If you have screenshots or images to share, you can email them to us at puzzlerojak@gmail.com!
Do you have any questions for us? We'll try to answer them in the wrap up. This can be about specific puzzles, or anything about the hunt in general.
Anything else that we missed?
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