DCC Fan Village/SFX Tables/Maker Tables/Cosplay Zone/Costume Group Applications - Spring Edition 2020
Dublin Comic Con - Fan Village Application - Spring Edition March 14th and 15th 2020 *

We are taking applications from Fan Groups, Costume Groups, Cosplayers Reenactment Groups, SFX Make Up Artists, Sculptors, Painters, Model Makers etc.

Successful applicants will be provided with a table with 2 passes for SFX/Cosplay Group table only options or 4 passes per day MAX for fan tables/groups (depending on size of display) at DCC along side other successful applicants.

- The point of the Fan Village application is to allow fans to show case their collections of their passions to the members of the public be it Star Wars, Babylon 5, Stargate etc. We are also leaving the application open to SFX artists.

- The point of the SFX/Showcase Table is to allow artists to showcase their work/advertise themselves while at the same time providing live demonstrations to attendees so that they can watch/learn and ask questions. You are not permitted to sell goods/kits in as part of this table. You may hand out cards etc.

- What are the Cosplay Table Applications at DCC?

Well, not only are we costumers ourselves, but we love the energy cosplayers bring to events and to help increase the awareness of the work that goes into the costumes (aswell as to show all attendees how welcoming the community is) we have set aside a limited number of tables in the cosplay zone on the main floor of DCC

Any cosplayer/costumer/make up artist who has a portfolio/facebook page (or some link to a body of their work) not only wishes to promote cosplay/costuming in Ireland but also use it as an opportunity to promote their own work. You must be over 18 years of age to apply.

What is required of me?
All we ask is that you be there to show off your work (or in the cosplay zone) for the majority of it as your table can not be left unattended and that you be willing to answer questions by attendees or even show off your skills, feel free to be making props or costume pieces (just don't dirty the lovely carpet or you will be billed :) )

Applicants must have an interactive element to their display so that members of the public may interactive with (ie talking about the props, photo ops etc). If you wish to build/bring a full set please let us know so that we can ensure there is enough space. (sets and full size displays get preference)

- Important Conditions that applicants must adhere to -
Must be present to answer questions from attendees while showcasing a work in progress piece
No selling of items but encouraged to hand out cards, flyers, advertise, set up banners etc
Must attend both days and be present to set up on Friday
Table must be manned at all times (DCC does not take responsibility for any items you may leave unattended)

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