Petition: Preserving Alliances

This statement was originally published in the New York Times on July 27, 2018. We invite additional scholars of international relations to join us in signing the statement. Signatories must provide a university affiliation and a valid email address. We reserve the right to curate the list of signatories to remove fraudulent entries. Affiliations are for purposes of identification only.

The international order formed after World War II provides important benefits to the United States as well as other countries. The United Nations, NATO, the World Trade Organization, the European Union and other postwar institutions all help to provide economic stability and international security, contributing to unprecedented levels of prosperity and the longest period in modern history without war between major powers.

U.S. leadership helped to create this system and U.S. leadership has long been critical for its success. Although the United States has paid a significant share of the costs of this order since its inception, it has greatly benefited from its rewards. Indeed, the U.S. has gained disproportionate influence on setting the rules of international exchange and security cooperation in ways that reflect its interests around the globe.

Today, though, the international institutions supporting the postwar order are under attack by President Donald J. Trump. As scholars of international relations, we are alarmed by these attacks. We should reform but not destroy the system that has served the United States and its allies well for over seven decades. The global order is certainly in need of major changes, but absolutely not the reckless ones President Trump is pursuing. Institutions are much harder to build up than they are to destroy. Almost nobody benefits from a descent into the chaos of a world without effective institutions that encourage and organize cooperation.
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Susan Ariel Aaaronson - George Washington University
David Abernethy - Stanford University (emeritus)
Scott Abramson - University of Rochester
Emily Acevedo - California State University Los Angeles
Fiona Adamson - University of London
Vinod Aggarwal - University of California, Berkeley
John Ahlquist - UC San Diego
Amy Alexander - Gothenburg University
Meir Alkon - Princeton University
Susan Allen - University of Mississippi
Joshua Alley - Texas A&M University
Karen Alter - Northwestern University
Mary Beth Altier - New York University
Dan Altman - Georgia State University
Greg Anderson - University of Alberta
Eric Arias - College of William & Mary
Leslie Elliott Armijo - Simon Fraser University
Ivan Arreguin-Toft - Oxford University
Robert Art - Brandeis University
Deborah Avant - University of Denver
Hani Azar - University of Nottingham
Bruce Bagley - University of Miami
Hannah Bailey - London School of Economics and Political Science
Andy Baker - University of Colorado Boulder
David Baldwin - Columbia University
Emmanuel Balogun - Webster University
Oliver Banner - Deakin University
Navin Bapat - University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Soubhik Barari - Harvard University
Katherine Barbieri - University of South Carolina
Naazneen Barma - Naval Postgraduate School
Michael Barnett - George Washington University
Joslyn Barnhart - Wesleyan University
Gary Bass - Princeton University
David Bearce - Univ. of Colorado at Boulder
Kyle Beardsley - Duke University
Megan Becker - University of Southern California
Andrew Bennett - Georgetown University
Richard Bensel - Cornell University
Brett Brenson - Vanderbilt University
Pablo Beramendi - Duke University
Suzanne Berger - MIT
Eli Berman - UC San Diego
Bill Bernhard - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Rebecca Best - University of Missouri at Kansas City
Michele Betsill - Colorado State University
Richard Betts - Columbia
Timm Betz - Texas A&M University
Janice Bially Mattern - Villanova University
Robin Bittick - Sam Houston State University
Sara Bjerg Moller - Seton Hall University
Arthur Blaser - Chapman University
Cristina Bodea - Michigan State University
Catherine Boone - London School of Economics and Political Science
Fabian Borges - California State University, San Bernardino
Elizabeth Borgwardt - Washington University in St Louis
Michael Boyle - La Salle University
Dawn Brancati - Columbia University
Bear Braumoeller - The Ohio State University
Joseph Braun - University of Maryland
Harald Braun - Humboldt University Berlin / EVZ Foundation
Michael Breen - Dublin City University
Marijke Breuning - University of North Texas
Luciano Briozzo - Universidad del Salvador (Argentina)
Sarah Brooks - Ohio State University
J. Lawrence Broz - University of California, San Diego
Ryan Brutger - University of Pennsylvania
Rex Brynen - McGill University
Bruce Bueno de Mesquita - New York University
Valerie Bunce - Cornell University
Anthony Burke - UNSW
Sarah Bush - Yale University
Susanna Campbell - American University
Rosella Cappella Zielinski - Boston University
Peter Carroll - University of Tasmania
David Carter - Washington University in St. Louis
Jeff Carter - The University of Mississippi
Bayard Catron - George Washington University (emeritus)
Marsha Chandler - UC San Diego
William Chandler - University of California, San Diego
Terrence Chapman - The University of Texas
Ahsan Chaudhary - Wayne State University
Stephen Chaudoin - Harvard University
Daina Chiba - University of Essex
Alexandra Cirone - Cornell
William Clark - Texas A&M University
K. Chad Clay - University of Georgia
Mark Cogan - Kansai Gaidai University
Jordan Cohen - George Mason University
Jeffrey D. Colgan - Brown University
Joseph Collins - National Defense University
Courtenay Conrad - University of California, Merced
Thomas Conzelmann - University of Maastricht
Scott Cooper - Brigham Young University
Kevin Cope - University of Virginia School of Law, Department of Politics
Mark Copelovitch - University of Wisconsin - Madison
Peter Cowhey - University of California, San Diego
Maek Crescenzi - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chester Crocker - Georgetown University
David Cunningham - University of Maryland
Kathleen Cunningham - University of Maryland
Xinyuan Dai - University of Illinois, Urbaba Champaign
Geoff Dancy - Tulane University
Steven David - Johns Hopkins
Dirk De Bièvre - Universiteit Antwerpen
Erica De Bruin - Hamilton College
Stephen Deets - Babson College
Casey Delehanty - Gardner-Webb University
Bradford DeLong - UC Berkeley
Jacqueline DeMeritt - University of North Texas
Daniel Deudney - Johns Hopkins University
Matthew DiGiuseppe - Leiden University
Jeffrey Dixon - Texas A&M University - Central Texas
Jennifer Dixon - Villanova University
Gregory Dixon - Walden University
Lindsay Dolan - Wesleyan University
Amanda Donahoe - Centenary College of Louisiana
Robert H. Donaldson - University of Tulsa
Richard Doner - Emory University
Shawn Donnelly - University of Twente
Daniela Donno - University of Pittsburgh
Han Dorussen - University of Essex
Ben Dover - Arizona National University Santiago
Michael Doyle - Columbia University
Thomas Doyle - Texas State University
Axel Dreher - Heidelberg University
Daniel Drezner - Tufts University
Jesse Driscoll - University of California, San Diego
Érick Duchesne - Université Laval
John Duffield - Georgia State University
Andreas Dür - University of Salzburg
Mary Durfee - Michigan Technological University
Martin Edwards - Seton Hall University
Asif Efrat - IDC Herzliya
Victoria Ingrid Einagel - University of Oslo
Ehud (Udi) Eiran - University Of Haifa, Israel
Cody Eldredge - Oakland University
Kara Ellerby University of Delaware
Cassandra Emmons - Princeton University
Jennifer Erickson - Boston College
Justin Esarey - Wake Forest University
C. Christine Fair - Georgetown University
Leonardo Falabella - University of California, San Diego
Robert Falkner - London School of Economics and Political Science
Songying Fang - Rice University
LuLu Faulk - Indiana University
Christina Fattore - West Virginia University
Erik Fay - University of Kentucky
Tanisha Fazal - University of Minnesota
James D. Fearon - Stanford University
Maureen Feeley - University of California, San Diego
Lia Fernald - University of California, Berkeley
Julian Fernandez - Paris 2
Karen Ferree - University of California, San Diego
Michael Findley - University of Texas
Martha Finnemore - George Washington University
Orfeo Fioretos - Temple University
David Fisk - University of California San Diego
Scott Fitzsimmons - University of Limerick
Thomas Flaherty - University of California, San Diego
Jennifer Flinchum - University of Kentucky
Trine Flockhart - University of Southern Denmark
Michael Flynn - Kansas State University
Rosemary Foot - University of Oxford, UK
Benjamin Fordham - Binghamton University (SUNY)
Fonna Forman - University of California, San Diego
Brian Forst - American University
Page Fortna - Columbia University
James Fowler - University of California, San Diego
Robert Franzese - University of Michigan
Brian Frederking - McKendree University
Jeffry Frieden - Harvard University
Paul Fritz - Hofstra University
Mervyn Frost - King's College, London
Andreas Fuchs - Kiel Institute for the World Economy & HSU Hamburg
Giulio Gallarotti - Wesleyan
Sumit Ganguly - Indiana University, Bloomington
J Andres Gannon - UC San Diego
Angela Garcia Calvo - UC San Diego
Daniel Garst - California State University, Fresno
Anna Gasten - Georg-August Universität Glttingen
F. Gregory Gause III - Texas A&M University
Catherine Gegout - University of Nottingham
Stephen Gent - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Sambuddha Ghatak - San Jose State University
Lilach Gilady - University of Toronto
Desha Girod - Georgetown University
Nils Petter Gleditsch - Peace Research Istitute Oslo
Hein Goemans - University of Rochester
Anne Marie Goetz - New York University
James Goldgeier - American University
Arthur Goldhammer - Harvard University
Judith Goldstein - Stanford University
Jack Goldstone - George Mason University
Matthew Gomez - Florida International University
Ikuo Gonoi - Takachiho University
John Gotti - University of California San Diego
Erica Gould - Stanford University
Peter Gourevitch - University of California, San Diego
Joshua Graff Zivin - University of California, San Diego
Benjamin Graham - University of Southern California
Keith Grant - James Madison University
Ryan Grauer - University of Pittsburgh
Brian Greenhill - University at Albany, SUNY
J. Michael Greig - University of North Texas
Stephen Grenier - The Citadel
Harneet Grewal - California State Univeristy, Dominguez Hills
William Grimes - Boston University
Marc Grinberg - Stanford University
Jana Grittersova - University of California, Riverside
Brian Grodsky - University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)
Tamar Gutner - American University
Emilie Hafner-Burton - University of California, San Diego
John Hagedorn - University of Illinois-Chicago
Stephan Haggard - University of California, San Diego
Jillienne Haglund - University of Kentucky
Thomas Hale - Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford
Kathleen Hancock - Colorado School of Mines
Justin Haner - Northeastern University
Patrick Haney - Miami University
Heidi Hardt - University of California, Irvine
Adam Harris - University College London
Jeffrey Hart - Indiana University
Caroline Hartzell - Gettysburg College
Barry Hashimoto - NYU Abu Dhabi
Jonathan Hassid - Iowa State University
Virginia Haufler - University of Maryland
Brian Hauglid - Brigham Young University
Jacqueline Hazelton - Naval War College
Andrew Heiss - Brigham Young University
Nathan Henceroth - Allegheny College
Cullen Hendrix - University of Denver
Marie Henehan - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Witold Henisz - The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Paul Hensel - University of North Texas
Lior Herman - Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Ronald Herring - Cornell University
Beatrice Heuser - University of Glasgow
Scott Hibbard - DePaul University
Thomas Hill - New York University
Allison Hodgkins - American University in Cairo
Bruce Hoffman - Georgetown University
James Hollyer - University of Minnesota
Dan Honig - Johns Hopkins SAIS
Raymond Hopkins - Swarthmore College, Emeritus
Denise M. Horn - Simmons College
Germaine A. Hoston - University of California
Jolyon Howorth - Harvard University
Veronica Hoyo - University of California, San Diego
Roselyn Hsueh - Temple University
Patrick Hulme - University of California, San Diego
Paul Huth - University of Maryland
Susan Hyde - University of California, San Diego
Syeda ShahBano Ijaz - UC San Diego
G. John Ikenberry - Princeton University
Peter Jackson - University of Glasgow
Amaney Jamal - Princeton University
Nathan Jensen - University of Texas
Bruce Jentleson - Duke University
Bob Jervis - Columbia
Ruixue Jia - University of California, San Diego
Folke Johansson - Göteborg University
Ishiyama John - University of North Texas
Leslie Johns - UCLA
Juliet Johnson - McGill University
Jesse C. Johnson - University of Kentucky
Danielle Jung - Emory University
Joe Jupille - University of Colorado Boulder
Miles Kahler - American University
Roger E. Kanet - University of Miami
Kristen Kao - University of Gothenburg
Stephen Kaplan - George Washington University
Lennart Kaplan - Georg-August University of Goettingen
Saloni Kapur - Lancaster University
Jacob Kathman - SUNY Buffalo
Peter J. Katzenstein - Cornell University
Robert Kaufman - Rutgers University
Joyce P. Kaufman - Whittier College
Bernd Kaussler - James Madison University
Sean Kay - Ohio Wesleyan University
Ayse Kaya - Swarthmore College
Margaret Keck - Johns Hopkins University
William Kelleher - formerly UCSB
William Keller - University of Georgia (Rtd.)
Lisa Kelley - UC San Diego
Robert O. Keohane - Princeton University
Amanda Kicht - Binghamton University (SUNY)
Christopher Kilby - Villanova University
In Song Kim - MIT
David Kinsella - Portland State University
Shanna Kirschner - Allegheny College
Jonathan Kirshner - Boston College
Katja Kleinberg - Binghamton University, SUNY
Jeffrey Kopstein - University of California, Irvine
Barbara Koremenos - University of Michigan
Tobias Korn - Leibniz University Hannover
Vally Koubi - ETH Zurich
Matthew Krain - The College of Wooster
Stephen D. Krasner - Stanford University
Lawrence Krause - UCSD
Ellis Krauss - Emeritus Professor, U. of California, San Diego
Ronald Krebs - University of Minnesota
Lutz Krebs - Maastricht University
Louis Kriesberg - Syracuse University
Alex Kroeger - University of California, Merced
Jan Kubik - Rutgers University and University College London
Rajeev Kunwar - Tribhuvan University
Raymond Kuo - Fordham University
Charles Kupchan - Georgetown University
Timur Kuran - Duke University
Marcus Kurtz - Ohio State University
Andrew Kydd - University of Wisconsin-Madison
Lauren L. Ferry - University of California, San Diego
David A. Lake - University of California, San Diego
Daniel Lake - SUNY Plattsburgh
John Langmore - University of Melbourne
Josefina Latorre - UADE
Evan Lawrence - University of Central Lancashire & American Citizen Abroad
David Leblang - University of Virginia
Patrick Leblond - University of Ottawa
Melissa Lee - Princeton University
Michael Lee - CUNY-Hunter College
Brett Ashley Leeds - Rice University
Ashley Leinweber - Missouri State University
Margaret Levi - Stanford University
Nanette Levinson - American University
Jack Levy - Rutgers
Quan Li - Texas A&M University
Roy Licklider - Rutgers University
Arend Lijphart - University of California, San Diego
Jamus Lim - ESSEC Business School
Helen Lindberg - Uppsala University
Lukas Linsi - University of Amsterdam
Phillip Lipscy - Stanford University
Chaim Lipshitz - Sayanim University
Sarah Lischer - Wake Forest University
Meredith Loken - University of Massachusetts- Amherst
Stephen Long - University of Richmond
Andrew Long - Kansas State University
Alton Lu - Carnegie Mellon University
Edward Lucas - Royal Danish Defence College
Yonatan Lupu George - Washington University
Ellen Lust - University of Gothenburg
Ian Lustick - University of Pennsylvania
Jason Lyall - Yale
Richard Maass - University of Evansville
Julia Macdonald - University of Denver
Lori Maguire - University of Paris 8
Lionel Maldonado - CSU-Los Angeles
Edmund Malesky - Duke University
Simon Malevich - University of Toronto
Daniel Maliniak - College of William and Mary
Mark Manger - University of Toronto
Richard Mansbach - Iowa State University
Edward Mansfield - University of Pennsylvania
Giovanni Mantilla - University of Cambridge
Nathan Mariano - University of California, San Diego
Renee Marlin-Bennett - Johns Hopkins University
Alan Marsh - University Of North Carolina
Michael Marshall - Alma College
Kimberly Marten - Barnard College, Columbia University
Lisa L. Martin - University of Wisconsin - Madison
Susan Martin - King's College London
Michael Mastanduno - Dartmouth
Aila Matanock - University of California, Berkeley
Naoko Matsumura - Kobe University
Michaela Mattes - University of California, Berkeley
Matthias Matthijs - Johns Hopkins University
Shannan Mattiace - Allegheny College
Gordon McCord - University of California, San Diego
Rose McDermott - Brown University
Patrick McDonald - University of Texas at Austin
Daniel McDowell - Syracuse University
Craig McIntosh - UCSD
Aaron C. McKeil - London School of Economics and Political Science
Timothy McKeown - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Valeriya Mechkova - University of Gothenburg
Molly Melin - Loyola University Chicago
Barak Mendelsohn - Haverford College
Brandon Merrell - UC San Diego
Andrew Mertha - Johns Hopkins/SAIS
Sophie Meunier - Princeton University
Katharina Michaelowa - University of Zurich
Steven Miller - Clemson University
Benny Miller - University of Haifa
Nick Miller - Boise State Universit
Helen V. Milner - Princeton University
Eric Min - University of California, Los Angeles
Anna Minasyan - University of Groningen
Krzysztof Miszczak - Warsaw School of Economics
Ronald Mitchell - University of Oregon
Austin Mitchell - Texas A&M University
Sara Mitchell - University of Iowa
Teodor Lucian Moga - Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Romania
Joan Moore - University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Andrew Moravcsik - Princeton University
Richard Morgan - Varieties of Democracy Institute
Sean Morgan - University of California, San Diego
Patrick Morgan - UC Irvine (emeritus)
James Morrison - London School of Economics & Political Science
James Morrow - University of Michigan
Julia Morse - UCSB
Layna Mosley - UNC Chapel Hill
Amanda Murdie - University of Georgia
Neil Narang - University of California - Santa Barbara
Amrita Narlikar - GIGA & Hamburg Universität
Barry Naughton - University of California, San Diego
Princess Ncube - University of Johannesburg
Stephen Nelson - Northwestern University
Abraham Newman - Georgetown University
Rasmus Leander Nielsen - University of Greenland
Mark Nieman - Iowa State University
Leopoldo Nuti - Università Roma Tre
Joseph S. Nye - Harvard University
Brendan O'Leary - University of Pennsylvania
Joseph O'Mahoney - University of Reading
Thomas Oatley - Tulane University
Faith Okpotor - Moravian College
Marcelo Olarreaga - University of Geneva
Michael Oppenheimer - NYU Center for Global Affairs
Louise Olsson - Peace Research Institute Oslo
Mitchell Orenstein - University of Pennsylvania
Iain Osgood - University of Michigan
Erica Owen - University of Pittsburgh
John Owen - University of Virginia
Antonio Padoa Schioppa - University of Milano
Bruno Palier - Sciences Po
Glenn Palmer - Pennsylvania State University
Stephen Pampinella SUNY New Paltz
Sonal Pandya - University of Virginia
Roland Paris - University of Ottawa
Louis Pauly - University of Toronto
Clint Peinhardt - University of Texas at Dallas
Krzysztof Pelc - McGill University
Thomas Pepinsky - Cornell University
Noel Pereyra-Johnston - University of California Riverside
Lauren Peritz - University of California, Davis
Margaret Peters - UCLA
Susan Peterson - William & Mary
Gregoire Phillips - UC San Diego
Christian Picard - Université Laval, Québec (Canada)
Costantino Pischedda - University of Miami
Pablo M. Pinto - University of Houston
Mark Pollack - Temple University
Amy Pond - Texas A&M University
Brian Potter - The College of New Jersey
Robert Powell - University of California, Berkeley
Jonathan Powell - University of Central Florida
Ryan Powers - University of Georgia
Michael Poznansky - University of Pittsburgh
Lauren Prather - University of California, San Diego
Tyler Pratt - Yale University
Brandon Prins - University of Tennessee Knoxville
Jeffrey Pugh - University of Massachusetts, Boston
Stephen Quackenbush - University of Missouri
Didac Queralt - Yale University
Dennis Quinn - Georgetown University
Aaron Rapport - University of Cambridge
Kal Raustiala - UCLA
Bryce Reeder - University of Missouri
Simon Reich - Rutgers Newark
Lindsay Reid - University of California, Davis
Gina Yannitell Reinhardt - University of Essex
Eric Reinhardt - Emory University
Bernhard Reinsberg - University of Cambridge
Dan Reiter - Emory University
Jean S Renouf - Southern Cross University
Erica Resende - Brazilian War College
Katharina Richert - Heidelberg University
Katharine Ricke - University of California, San Diego
Emily Ritter - Vanderbilt University
Joseph Roberts - Roger Williams University
Kenneth Roberts - Cornell University
Pedro Rodríguez - International Relations Universidad Pontifica Comillas
Philip Roeder - University of California, San Diego
Ronald Rogowski - UCLA
B. Peter Rosendorff - New York University
Andrew Ross - Texas A&M University
Robert Rubinstein - Syracuse University
Nita Rudra - Georgetown
Luis Saavedra - Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Tal Sadeh - Tel Aviv University
Scott Sagan - Stanford University
Felipe Sahagún - Complutense University. Madrid
Stephen Saideman - Carleton University
Carol Saivetz - MIT
Richard Samuels - MIT
David Samuels - University of Minnesota
Elizabeth Sanders - Cornell University
Amanda Sanford - Louisiana Tech University
Anne Sartori - MIT
Brent Sasley - University of Texas at Arlington
Burcu Savun - University of Pittsburgh
Christina Schneider - University of California, San Diego
Rachel Schoner - University of California, San Diego
Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey - London School of Economics and Political Science
Theresa Schroeder - Ohio Northern University
Kenneth Schultz - Stanford University
Robert Scott III - Monmouth University
Megan Shannon - University of Colorado Boulder
Ike Sharpless - University of California, San Diego
Xiaoye She - California State University, San Marcos
Susan Shirk - UC San Diego
Robert Shum - SUNY-Brockport
Kathryn Sikkink - Harvard University
Mariana Silveira Fernandes - Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais
Stephen Silvia - American University
Beth Simmons - University of Pennsylvania
Nicole Simonelli - New York University
Serena Simoni - Samford University
David Singer - MIT
J.P. Singh - George Mason University
Robert Singh - University of London
Randolph Siverson - University of California, Davis
Rachel Skillman - University of California, San Diego
John Skrentny - University of California, San Diego
Tatiana Skripka - Maastricht University
Branislav Slantchev - University of California, San Diego
Dan Slater - University of Michigan
John Sloane - University of Salford
Todd Smith - University of Nevada, Reno
Michael Smith - University of Aberdeen
Alastair Smith - New York University
Peter Smith - UCSD (emeritus)
Nicholas Smith - University of California, San Diego
William Smith - University of Miami (emeritus)
Heather Smith-Cannoy - Lewis & Clark College
Duncan Snidal - University of Oxford
Erin Snider - Texas A&M University
Jack Snyder - Columbia University
Andy Sobel - Washington University in St. Louis
Mimmi Söderberg Kovacs - Folke Bernadotte Academy (FBA)
Etel Solingen - University of California Irvine
Byunghwan Son - George Mason University
William Spaniel - University of Pittsburgh
Gabriele Spilker - University of Salzburg
Jennifer Spindel - University of Oklahoma
Gregory Squires - George Washington University
Allison Stanger - Middlebury College
Harvey Starr - Univesity of South Carolina
David Stasavage - New York University
Abbey Steele - University of Amsterdam
Wiebke Stein - Leibniz University Hannover
Janice Stein - University of Toronto
David Steinberg - Johns Hopkins University
Zachary Steinert-Threlkeld - University of California, Los Angeles
Megan Stewart - American University
Kendall Stiles - Brigham Young U
Randall Stone - University of Rochester
Tracy Strong - UCSD/Univ. OfSouthampton
Sarah Stroup - Middlebury College
Narendra Subramanian - McGill University
Jun Sudduth - University of Strathclyde
Patricia Sullivan - University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Jane Sumner - University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Clara Suong - UC San Diego
Kazuto Suzuki - Hokkaido University
Hiroki Takeuchi - Southern Methodist University (SMU)
Jonas Tallberg - Stockholm University
Jordan Tama - American University
Aakriti Tandon - Daemen College
Stacy Taninchev - Gonzaga University
Nina Tannenwald - Brown University
Mark Zachary Taylor - Georgia Institute of Technology
Edward Telles - University of California, Santa Barbara
Bulent Temel - Strayer University
Brad Terrace - University of Arizona
Markus Thiel - Florida International University
Alexander Thompson - Ohio State University
Michael Tierney - William & Mary
Dustin Tingley - Harvard University
Jennifer Tobin - Georgetown University
Monica Toft - Tufts University
Diarmuid Torney - Dublin City University
Edward Tower - Duke University
Ann Towns - University of Gothenburg
Joel Trachtman - Tufts University Fletcher
Robert Trager - UCLA
Peter Trubowitz - London School of Economics and Political Science
Brian Urlacher - University of North Dakota
Johannes Urpelainen - Johns Hopkins SAIS
Felicity Vabulas - Pepperdine University
Krishna Vadlamannati - University College Dublin (UCD)
Cheryl Van Den Handel - Northeastern State University
Maurits van der Veen - William & Mary
Stephen Van Evera - MIT
Abigail Vaughn - University of California, San Diego
Bryan Velarde - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
David G. Victor - University of California, San Diego
Everett A. Vieira, III - California State University, Fresno
Rodolfo Villasenor - California State University, Fullerton
Leslie Vinjamuri - SOAS University of London
Inken von Borzyskowski - Florida State University
Alexander Von Hagen-Jamar - Carleton College
Geoffrey Wallace - University of Washington
Barbara F. Walter - University of California, San Diego
Andrew Walter - University of Melbourne
Brian Warby - University of Northern Iowa
Michael Ward - Duke University
Camber Warren - Naval Postgraduate School
Mitchell Watkins - UNC Chapel Hill
Dov Waxman - Northeastern University
Catherine Weaver - University of Texas at Austin
Ruth Wedgwood - Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies
Jessica Weeks - University of Wisconsin-Madison
Erika Weinthal - Duke University
Michael Weintraub - Universidad de los Andes
Alex Weisiger - University of Pennsylvania
Thomas G. Weiss - CUNY Graduate Center
Moritz Weiss - LMU Munich
Ryan Welch - University of Tampa
Rachel Wellhausen - University of Texas at Austin
Matthew Wells - Wabash College
Christian Welzel - Leuphana University, Lueneburg
Joel Westra - Calvin College
Nicholas Wheeler - University of Birmingham
Timothy White - Xavier University
Erik Wibbels - Duke University
Krista Wiegand - University of Tennessee
Meredith Wilf - University of Pittsburgh
Paul Williams - George Washington University
Kindred Winecoff - Indiana University Bloomington
Matthew Winters - University of Illinois
Bruno Gabriel Witzel de Souza - Georg August Universitaet Goettingen
William Wohlforth - Dartmouth
Albert Wolf - American University of Kurdistan, Duhok
Scott Wolford - University of Texas
Cornelia Woll - Sciences Po Paris
Daniel Wollrich - Ohio State University
Tom K. Wong - University of California, San Diego
Audrye Wong - Princeton University
Reed Wood - Arizona State University
Alexandra R. Woodruff - University of California, San Diego
Jeffrey Wright - University of Oxford
Andrew Yeo - The Catholic University of America
Alasdair Young - Georgia Institute of Technology
Amy Yuen - Middlebury College
Tina Zappile - Stockton University
Amy Zegart - Stanford university
J. Nicholas Ziegler - Brown University
Hubert Zimmermann - University of Marburg
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