Hungarian Alliance of South Africa
Please support the work of the board of the alliance with your answers, to organize more interesting events at the Hungarian Estate in Midrand.
You'll need only a few minutes to fill in the questions. We need your personal data only to inform you about the news and the events of the Hungarian Alliance.
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Multiple answers can be marked, please mark the events when we could count on you as organizer, contributor or athlete.
If we could count on you, what would be your preferred activities? (organizing, teaching, rhyming, dancing, or anything else)
What are your favourite music genres, what type of bands or ensembles would you like to see at an event? *
Do you have any favourite Hungarian folk bands or soloists? Please put down the names.
Do you have any preferred sports, what you would likely play at a sport event or a family day? *
It's a multiple-answer question.
What kind of artisan activities would you or your family members like to attend at a family day?
Do you or your family members have any plans with learning the Hungarian language? *
If you or your family members were interested in learning Hungarian, please tell us what is your purpose and which level are you at? *
E.g. the children shall learn the basics, the family should improve their language skills, you're aiming to gain Hungarian citizenship, or anything else.
If you had any suggestions or ideas how to improve the quality of the events of the Hungarian Alliance, feel free to share them with us!
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