You don‘t have an idea, but still want to be a ChangeMaker? Join the team!
It's time to become a changemaker! "ChangeMakers'ON" is an international (May 4-6th) event dedicated to Social Innovations.

During the international social start-up weekend, you will create sustainable social business model based on social innovations and changes. Climate change, health, ageing society, pollution, social inequality – these are only a few of global challenges you can tackle. It is your chance to put an input into the Better World :)

You don‘t have an idea, but still want to be a Change Maker? We want to meet you ;)

Let us know your talents (maybe you‘re a great developer or an IT specialist, or… who knows!). We want to know everything about your talents and passions (what responsibilities you could and wish to have, and what tasks you would go for). We‘ll connect you with the team missing a person like you.

We promise to be the best middleman connecting ChangeMakers. Just go for it and live in the World You Want ;)

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5. Phone number:
6. E-mail to contact me:
7. What is your specialty (for which part of the social business startup you would like to be responsible)?
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8. Tell us a bit more about your experience and skills in the chosen area.
9. What is your personal motivation to participate in the "ChangeMakers'ON" event?
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