IEA Tutoring Sign-Up Form
Welcome to the IEA Tutor-Student Match Page
Please be aware of the tutoring session format before requesting a match:
1. Sessions are 1 hour long
2. Depending on demand you may be matched with up to 3 students
3. You and a student may arrange to be matched together ahead of time. They should request you
when filling out their tutoring request form

The rules of tutoring are as follows:
1. If a student has requested another tutor, you may not select them on the form
2. When selecting multiple students please make sure they are requesting the same subject
3. When you receive an email confirming your tutoring match please remove Watipa from
carbon copy (CC)
Important: It is both yours and the students responsibility to ensure the session is productive!
4. It is not realistic to cover an entire lecture in a tutoring session, please allow only discrete
topics/ concepts
5. Please ensure you adequately prepare for the material you will cover

Honor Points:
Beginning this term tutors will be incentivized for taking on multiple students.
1 Student = 1 Honor Point
2 Students = 1.25 Honor Points
3 Students = 1.5 Honor Points

If you have questions or any problems arise contact Watipa Makhumalo (Grand Marshall) at

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