Special Needs Mom Assessment
To the best of your ability, choose responses that fit your experience as a special needs Mom. When you answer YES, it's a hard yes; meaning that it applies the vast majority of the time. When you answer SOMETIMES, it means that it applies on some occasion but not others. When you answer NO, it's a hard no. It never happens.

If you checked any of the boxes under question 1 (with the exception of confident and empowered, worth zero points), each individual response is worth one point. If you checked a YES box, it is worth 2 points. If you checked a SOMETIMES box, it is worth 1 point. If you checked a NO box, it is worth zero points. Grab a sheet of paper and track your score as you move through the questions.
1. Do you experience...(check all that apply)
2. Do you experience intense emotions (crying jags and emotional outbursts) that hit you out of the blue and hijack your mood when you least expect it?
3. Being totally honest with yourself, do you believe you are leading a life of quiet desperation (i.e., a life of resignation, living in survival mode, without deep fulfillment for yourself)?
4. Do you feel weighed down by the burden of caregiver guilt?
5. Do you feel emotionally drained (dragging through life and worn out emotionally from all of the chronic stress) ?
6. Do you feel physically depleted (burned out, physically exhausted and/or challenged by a chronic health condition)?
7. Do you feel anxious, anticipating criticism and judgments for your performance as a Mom (from family members, the professionals, school personnel and even perfect strangers)?
8. Do you yearn for and fantasize about having a completely different kind of life?
9. Do you experience heightened and more frequent conflict in your key adult relationships, (i.e., with your significant other, siblings, parents, friends, the professionals and/or even your adult child/children?)
10. Do you experience cycles of crushing disappointment that have left you shut down and numb to your own pain or other people's pain?
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