Southwark Pensioners Centre - Impact and Engagement Questionnaire
This survey aims to understand the impact of the Southwark Pensioners Centre (SPC) on its community and members.

This will be a small three part survey. The first part is related to your Well-being, the second is related to the work done by the SPC and how it impacted your life and the last part is just information about you.

Participation is anonymous, voluntary and there is no penalty for choosing not to answer it. You can withdraw from participation at any time.

Data collected is for SPC benefit and use, and will be used to support and demonstrate the impact of the SPC on its community to potential trustees and relevant entities/organizations.

By choosing to participate, you consent to your data being used to the purposes above and understand that your individual details will not be identifiable to these organisations.

Agree to participate and my data to be used by the SPC. *
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