Edinburgh Monologue Showdown Sign-Up
Please fill out the following details to submit your application to take part in the Edinburgh Monologue Showdown.

The time and location of the competition are as follows:

Saturday 28th April
Fireside Bar,
Cranston St, Edinburgh EH8 8BE
Doors from 7pm (Competition scheduled to start at 7.30pm)

Once you complete this form, we will email you if you have been successful.

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Monologue Details
You will be required to prepare 1 monologue in advance for performance at this event. You are welcome to perform it either with or without a script-in-hand and with or without the microphone provided.

You will perform this monologue as part of the first round. Following the judges' deliberation, a small number will be asked to perform in a final round, where each participant will be provided with an unseen "mystery monologue" by the judging panel.

All monologues must adhere to the following rules:

- Be between 2-3 minutes in length
- Be from a published or performed stage-play or film (not written by yourself)
- Not a song or a poem (not including plays written in verse; e.g Shakespeare's plays are allowed but not his sonnets)
- Must be dialogue spoken by an identifiable character
- All monologues must be performed from the stage area provided

Before performing the monologue, you must announce the name of the character, the title of the play/film and the author of the script.

If you already know which monologue you would like to perform, please list it here. All monologues will need to be finalised no later than Thursday 26th April. If you haven't decided, let us know what sort of monologues you're considering.
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Does your monologue contain any explicit/triggering content that we should advise our audiences about before you perform? If so, please provide details.
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Final Details
Please answer these as thoroughly as possible.
Do you have any medical/personal requirements that we should be aware of in order to facilitate your performance? e.g ramp access to the stage, dyslexia etc
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Any additional information you'd like to tell us
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