2018 CPC Team Application
Central Plains Cycling (CPC) is a club that races and rides throughout the Midwest (SD, IA, NE, MN, KS). CPC is always looking to expand its roster with riders who are looking to become a stronger cyclist. We focus on rider development by training together and pushing each other to do our best and learning to ride and race as a team. As you consider being part of CPC for 2018, look over the team's requirements and expectations to make sure they coincide with your personal cycling goals.
2018 Team Requirements
1) Pay team dues of $35

2) Wear team kit at team rides. Jerseys ($80), bibs ($110), and shorts ($100) can be ordered. Please wear your CPC jersey at prominent events and rides.

3) Volunteer at CPC sponsored events throughout the year (rodeo, races, team meeting)

2018 Team Expectations
1) Commit to attending team rides and events

2) Commit to teaching new riders tactical skills and fitness development

3) During team rides, demonstrate safe ride tactics while encouraging and challenging your teammates.

4) Share your planned racing schedule with the team ahead of time so the team can plan for travel and hotel accommodations together.

First and Last Name
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Address including city, st, and zip
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Phone number
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Email address
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Emergency contact
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Racing interest
Can your rider information be shared with the team?
Team jersey and kits
Please indicate sizes below. All kits are Mt. Borah Pro Kits and will be the same design as last year. Sizing link: http://mtborah.com/media/documents/sizing_cycling_tri_run.pdf
Male or Female sizing?
What jersey size? ($80 each) Note: Design will be the same as last year.
How many jerseys do you want?
Do you want shorts ($100) or bib shorts ($110)?
What size bibs/shorts do you want? (Note: the bibs are the same design as last year)
What size arm warmers do you want? ($30)
If you are interested in a skinsuit or a team cycling jacket, please contact the team President for pricing and options.
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Total Due: annual team dues ($35) + all clothing items.
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Payment options
Liability Waiver
I have read and understand the requirements and expectations of CPC for the 2018 season. I also understand that cycling is inherently dangerous and agree that I (including my heirs or successors of interest) will not hold CPC, Sponsors, or any other Member liable for any injuries I may sustain or property damaged incurred during my participation.
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