CRS BeNeLux & France Local Chapter Survey for members interested in the Mentorship Program in the role of mentors
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2. Where are you originally from? Please specify: *
3. What is your current position? *
4. Please enter your field of research: *
5. How many years of professional experience do you have (years spent in academia or industry upon completion of your PhD)? *
6. In which countries have you worked during your career? *
7. In which country are you currently located? *
8. During your career, have you covered one or more of these roles? *
9. What are you able to provide advice on? *
10. We appreciate your time and, therefore, would like to know how often do you wish to connect to your mentee?
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11. Even though the interaction with your mentee might be lifelong, how long do you wish to be connected to your mentee in the context of this program?
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12. In which format would you prefer the mentorship program to be set?
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13. What would be the best way of communication with your mentee? *
14. Are you available to have more than one mentee? *
15. If you are available to have more than one mentee, please specify a maximal number of mentees that you are willing to mentor:
16. Would you like your mentee(s) to be: *
17. Are there people you don’t want to be selected as your mentees? *
18. If there are people you don't want to be selected as your mentees, please provide the names or the group of research:
19. If you have any other comment or suggestions for this mentorship program please write them below:
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