Database of Eligible Ballot Question Signers
Vote Nevada is working with Fair Maps Nevada to create a database of voters who are eligible to sign ballot initiatives. Anyone registered to vote in Nevada is eligible to sign a ballot initiative. If you are not yet registered to vote, please do so here:

A main reason many groups are unable to successfully qualify ballot initiatives is due to the high cost of gathering thousands of petition signatures. Our goal is to make it easier to qualify statutory ballot questions by building a database of at least 150,000 eligible petition signers who can quickly sign and qualify a petition with no little to no cost to the petition circulator.

Our database will only be used to contact eligible signers when ballot initiatives are filed each election cycle. We will provide the text of the initiative and some analysis as well as instructions for when, where, and how to sign a ballot petition. It is high time the people reassert our power to engage in direct democracy; we should not be blocked by the two political parties when it comes to proposing legislation.

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