RPC Transportation Project Application Form
Use this form to submit new projects for the MPO Long Range Transportation Plan. All questions are required and submitting this form will send it to RPC. If you have any questions about this form please contact RPC at the number or email below.

Most of the questions are largely self-explanatory or include help text. Additional instructions and guidance are available at the link below if needed (right click to open in a new browser tab or window). This information may be of particular assistance with the development of the Purpose and Need for a project and any cost estimates. A basis spreadsheet for the project budget can be found at that link as well.


Please Note: Several of the questions require the submission of additional information, including vicinity and regional impact maps and supporting evidence and documentation for the project. These documents can be attached to this form and submitted, or can be sent separately to the email address below.

If you have any questions about this form, please contact:

David Walker
Transportation Program Manager
Rockingham Planning Commission
156 Water Street
Exeter, NH 03833

Please enter a short descriptive name for the proposed project *
The name should incorporate the location and purpose. "US 1 and North Road Intersection Improvements" for example.
Originating Agency *
Unless the originating agency is the NH DOT, please ALSO check "Other" and enter the name of the City/Town, Planning Commission, or Transit Agency.
Contact Person Name *
Contact Person Address *
Contact Person Phone *
Project City/Town *
Project Road(s) *
Project Origin *
Enter the location where the project starts (milepost, intersection)
Project End Point *
Enter the location where the project ends (milepost, intersection)
Project Length *
Length in miles of the roadway segment to be addressed. If project is an intersection, type in "Intersection" as the answer.
Vicinity Map *
Please attach a project vicinity map in image or pdf form. The RPC can assist with the production of vicinity maps if needed.
Proposal Scope of Work *
Please provide a detailed description of the intended scope of the project as understood at this time.
Describe the project Background *
Please include not just the location of the project but the context and background as well, previous attempts to address the issue, or any issues of significant that might influence the proposal.
"Purpose" and "Need" Notes *
The Purpose and Need Statements attempt to distill the intent of the proposal and the appropriateness of any proposed solutions in solving the transportation problem and meeting any other listed goals and objectives. Below is a detailed description of what the "Purpose and Need" entails. Entering the purpose and need into this form is not intended to be used as a finalized statement for the project, but a starting point to assist understanding and prioritizing the project.
Please Read the Description of a Project Purpose and Need Below.
Need *
Is evidence available to support the need for the proposed project (Need)? For example crash history, turning movement counts, signal warrant analysis, etc.
Purpose *
What problem(s) is the proposal addressing (Purpose)?
Additional Goals and Objectives *
Beyond those mentioned in the Purpose statement, what other issues will be addressed by the proposed project (Goals and Objectives)?
Alternatives Examined *
What alternatives to the proposal described above have been considered? If none, state "None"
Please attach a project budget in a spreadsheet format.
If needed, there is a link to a simple project budget for in the header for this application form along with the instructions.
Cost Estimate Source *
What is the source of the above cost estimate (engineer's estimate, NHDOT, corridor study, etc.)?
Public Outreach *
Describe the extent of public outreach and involvement efforts to date and anticipated future efforts for the proposal.
Priority *
Is the proposal identified as a priority in a local or regional plan (e.g. local master plan, local bicycle/pedestrian plan, corridor study, etc). If yes, provide a link to the pertinent section of the plan(s).
Supporting Evidence and Documentation *
Is there evidence available supporting the need for the project. Please attach excerpts from relevant studies, plans, and estimates below.
Please attach any supporting evidence checked in the question above
Detailed Potential Impacts *
Mark all known potential impacts within or adjacent to the proposed project area.
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