Sign on: Open letter to the US government on loss and damage

The Loss and Damage Youth Coalition has written an open letter to the US Government with our demands on addressing loss and damage on occasion of the US Government's recommitment to the Paris Agreement, establishment of a Climate Envoy in the President's Cabinet and in light of the fact that the US is one of the largest global polluters yet has historically blocked the provision of finance and support for developing countries experiencing loss and damage from climate change.

For these reasons, we have the following demands:

1. Honour the rights of young people and future generations by prioritizing action on loss and damage.

2. Champion the establishment of a new window of additional finance for loss and damage.

3. Make a substantial commitment of climate finance to the above-mentioned loss and damage finance window. This should start with a commitment of $10 billion and increase annually according to the US' fair share of global loss and damage finance need.

4. Commit to making loss and damage decision-making inclusive by including youth and other oppressed peoples in policymaking.

5. Meet with youth from the Loss and Damage Youth Coalition to discuss how the US, and other developed countries, will take action and provide finance for loss and damage.

If you are a youth or a member of a youth-led organisation, you are invited to sign on to the letter to add weight to our collective voice. Please use this form to sign the letter.

Please see the link to the full letter here:

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