2019 Junior Staffer Application
This application is for those who would like to serve as a JUNIOR STAFFER at Kidz Kamp 2019.

Mandatory Training: July 27 - 28
Session #1: July 28 - July 31
Session #2: July 31 - Aug 3

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As of this summer, which grade will you have completed? *
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Have you served as a Junior Staffer at Kidz Kamp in previous years? *
Please share your testimony. When were you saved? What was your life like before you met Christ? What has your life been like since then? *
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It is preferred that our Staffers be available for both weeks of camp. Which weeks are you available? *
Will you be able to attend the mandatory training weekend? *
Reference 1: Please list your youth pastor or pastor, as well as his phone number and email address. *
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Reference 2: Please list an adult who has invested in your life and is familiar with your walk with Christ, as well as his/her phone number and email address. *
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