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The Thorium Network Student Guild is now accepting student membership! Please be aware that your personal information is only shared with The Thorium Network. After filling out the form you will be added to The Thorium Network Student Guild Telegram Group. If you don't have Telegram please download it from the Telegram official website here:

By completing this application form, you are agreeing to become a member of the Thorium Student Guild, where our primary objective is the sharing of information, resources and ideas related to Molten Salt Fission Energy Production using Thorium - "Liquid Fission Energy(TM)"

You can read more about us here:

Also, where relevant, by completing this application form you are also agreeing to the general terms and conditions and privacy terms of The Thorium Network. These you can find on our website:

PS, if you, or anyone you talk with, have any doubt whatsoever as to the efficacy of Thorium Molten Salt technology to produce energy very safely and with very high efficiency, then for evidence of a 100% successful proof of concept, billions invested (“Chinese money” it was colloquially called at the time), tens of thousands of time committed, refer to the following links. It has all been done before. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel.

- Former head of IAEA, Hans Blitz, discussing why Thorium is a superior fuel 
- The International Atomic Energy Agency stated in a 2005 report that “the Thorium fuel cycle is “intrinsically proliferation-resistant”. 
- Bill Gates getting into Molten Salt:

GDPR Notice - we adhere to all requirements of European GDPR requirements. Your data is protected with us. The main point is, if we are not in an ongoing discussion within about 4 weeks of your completion of this form your data will be deleted for your protection. You'll have to complete the form again if you want to re-establish contact with us for joining the team.

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