2018 WaACRAO Conference Evaluation
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Reimagining the Role of the Registrar
College Access for Undocumented Students
Transfer Student Panel/Roundtable Discussion
Say What? How to Help Colleagues Better Communicate with You
Residency 101
Veteran Success: How to Bridge the Gap
Legislative Update from the Council of Presidents
Who Adds, Who Drops, Who Tells Your Story?
FERPA Policy and Procedure Audit
If You Post It, Will They Come?
Credential Evaluator Roundtable
Tour of Central Washington University
Playing Well in the Sandbox: Financial Aid and Registrar Working Together
Transforming Transfer Admissions - Adapting Advising Models to Meet Transfer Student Needs
Women as Leaders Roundtable
Mission: PeopleSoft – You Have No Choice but to Accept
Turn the Diploma from Headaches to Opportunity for You and Your Graduates
Catalog & Curriculum Management is a Snap - Save Time & Improve Student Engagement
Transcript Automation Done Right: Empowering Registrars in a Digital World
Streamlining the Student Experience
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