Test Unit 2018 application form

£350 - general admission
£200 - student & recent graduate (2 years since graduation)

The fee includes:

- week-long workshop led by facilitator
- access to a workshop with a technician, tools and materials
- access to all the public events
- lunch and dinner Monday - Friday

We're keen that Test Unit is as accessible as possible so we offer a limited number of bursary places for people who would find the fees a barrier to participating, and for those people based in the Speirs Locks / canal area. If this is relevant to you please select this option below and detail your reason.


Application deadline is 9am on Monday 14 May 2018. All applications will be reviewed at this point on equal terms, early applications will not be given preferential consideration.

We aim to review all applications within 1 week and notify you of a response by Monday 21 May.


For more information:

Frequently asked questions: http://agile-city.com/test-unit/?faq
Email: hello@agile-city.com


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If you do not have any examples of work that you can send please include links to other projects / studios that are relevant to your work / interests
Can you list in order of preference which unit you would most like to take part in. While we cannot guarantee that all participants will get their first choice we aim to align all choices where possible. *
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