T60 Fit: Fitness Assessment
This is a quick way to assess your strength, stability and flexibility. After you have completed the assessment, you will receive 5 recommendations and some exercises based on the results.
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30 Seconds Controlled Arm Curl   *
 Men use an 8 pound weight  and Women use 5 pound weight.  (NOTE: If you don't have weights, use heavy cans that approximate the weight).  The aim of this test is to do as many arm curls as possible in 30 seconds. This test is conducted on the dominant arm side (or stronger side).   Sit on the chair, holding the weight in the hand using a suitcase grip (palm facing towards the body) with the arm in a vertically down position beside the chair. Brace the upper arm against the body so that only the lower arm is moving. Curl the arm up through a full range of motion, gradually turning the palm up (flexion with supination). As the arm is lowered through the full range of motion, gradually return to the starting position. The arm must be fully bent and then fully straightened at the elbow.  Repeat this action as many times as possible within 30 seconds.
<4 curls
Number of arm curls you can do in 30 seconds
What pound weight did you use for your controlled arm curl assessment 10-8 or other?
 Kneeling Push Ups *
This assessment has you on your knees and then do a push up. Count the number you can do until you fatigue. If you choose to do full pushups, please note that at the end of the assessment.
0 - 4
5 - 9
15 - 19
greater than 25
Total number of kneeling pushups can you do
Plank Holds *
Begin on your hands and knees. Place your palms on the ground and push up using your arms. Your knees are off the ground with a straight back. HOLD until you can't hold a straight back.  NOTE: this is NOT a forearm plank, it's a full plank.
0-15 seconds
16-30 seconds
31-45 seconds
46-60 seconds
61-90 seconds
Over 90 seconds
Plank Hold Time
30 Second Chair Stand Test *
Place a sturdy chair against a wall, or otherwise stabilize it for safety. Sit in the middle of the seat with your feet shoulder width apart, flat on the floor. Your arms are to be crossed at the wrists and held close to the chest. From the sitting position stand completely up, then completely back down. Repeat for 30 seconds. Count the total number of complete chair stands (up and down equals one stand) that you can do in 30 seconds..
Number of chair stands you can do in 30 seconds
Eyes Open Single Leg Balance *
This is an assessment of single leg balance with eyes open. Stand on one leg and lift the other slightly. Hold as you as you can.If it is longer than 45 seconds, select the 30-45 second option.  
0 seconds
0-4 seconds
5-9 seconds
10 - 15 seconds
16 - 30 seconds
31- 45 seconds
Stand on Right Leg
Stand on Left Leg
Eyes Closed Single Leg Balance *
This is an assessment of single leg balance with your eyes closed (you may need someone to assist with timing). Please be sure you are standing close to a wall or have a steady object like a chair close by in the event you lose your balance.
1 sec
2 sec
3 sec
4 sec
5 sec
Stand on Right Leg
Stand on Left Leg
Forward Flexibility *
How far can you reach down WITHOUT bending your knees (reach for your toes or the floor)
I can't reach
I can reach to my thighs
I can reach my knees
I can reach my calves
I can reach my ankles
I can reach the floor
How far can you reach (without bending your knees)
Side Flexibility
With arms at your side, slide down the side of your body as far as you can reach.
I can't reach
I can reach to my mid thigh
I can reach past my knees
How far can you reach to the RIGHT side
How far can you reach to the LEFT side
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