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Students Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations (SCNO) is proud to present its Nonprofit Professionals Panel event. Various professionals from the local, regional, national, and international nonprofit communities will speak to participants regarding a variety of topics including, but not limited to, their specific work, the work of their organization, and their experiences in their career/how they got to where they are. The panelists will also articulate any professional opportunities their organization has to offer for undergraduate students- many panelists are actively seeking interns and are interested in using this event to further facilitate that search. Panelists will first speak to the group as a whole (on the aforementioned topics) and then will rotate amongst tables of participants (you!) for networking/question sessions. In other words, you will have an opportunity to engage on a more personal level with each panelist; panelists will spend roughly 10 minutes at each table during this section. Dinner will be provided!

Date: Thursday, March 29th
Time: 6:30-8 PM
Location: Nosker House, Burgee Room
Panelists: Representatives from the American Heart Association, the Red Cross, Family Mentor Foundation, Women for Economic and Leadership Development (WELD), Somali Community Association of Ohio

RSVP by Wednesday, March 28th
Contact: If you have any questions, please email Kailee Nardi (

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