Not Just a Piece of Cloth (NJPC) - share your voice..

Just a few kilometres from Delhi, she used a piece of blouse - a traditional Indian woman wear, which had a hook and she died of tetanus and far away in the hills she sleeps in a cow shed and can't enter the kitchen.. in some part of the world the little girl left school as she did not have a small piece of cloth to use or a place to change.. and millions all around - use sand, ash, dry leaves and even plastic sheet.. for them the natural process of MENSTRUATION often becomes a MESS due to lack of awareness and basic facilities to deal with it.

Almost a decade back, Goonj initiated 'Not Just a Piece of Cloth' with a cloth-based sanitary pad, as a tool to open up the issue, remove the shame and to break the silence, apart from giving a physical product.

Through 'NJPC - A Million Voices', we want to create ripples around the world, make menses one of the talked about issues, bringing it to the mainstream. It is not a survey, no effort to collect some personal data !! Unlike many other forms, there is no mandatory star here, no compulsion.. we want you to read with heart and respond with honesty.. we do want you to feel about it.. share your experience and make sure that you spread it.. ask your friends, colleagues, relatives to become a voice..

In the next few months, you will see a series of compiled information and a large number of hidden truths.. like till a few days back, we never knew that many a times visually impaired girls don't even come to know that their menses have started !!

Fill the form below or take a few print-outs to spread the word.. this is one small effort to reach out to everyone.. with no boundaries of country, religion, caste - community, rich, poor, maid or millionaire.. as we strongly feel this is not about a particular class, section or geography..

It's time to speak, express and recognise that this is not a WOMEN issue.. it is a HUMAN issue !!

Looking forward

Anshu Gupta
Founder, GOONJ..

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