Scientist Sign-on Letter in Support of Dedicated Conservation Funding
To America’s natural resources scientists, ecologists, and fish and wildlife managers,

National conservation leaders from the Alliance for America’s Fish and Wildlife are seeking your support in addressing America’s wildlife crisis. Up to one-third of America’s species are at increased risk of extinction, and efforts to combat this crisis have yet to be met with congressional action. Movement however has begun in the US House of Representatives, where Representatives Debbie Dingell (D-MI) and Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE) have reintroduced the Recovering America's Wildlife Act.

We ask that you sign onto the letter on the next page expressing support for this game-changing legislation, which would dedicate funds to proactive conservation work conducted on the state and tribal level.

Our nation has been blessed with a diverse array of fish and wildlife. While some of these species are thriving thanks to public and private efforts, many more are facing mounting challenges and are in steep decline – increasing the very real possibility of Endangered Species Act listings. State wildlife agencies have identified over 12,000 species as in need of additional conservation and monitoring action.

The passage of the Recovering America's Wildlife Act will not only provide the funds needed to adequately address this crisis, it will also afford representatives from the academic, NGO, and private setting new opportunities to provide input and expertise to government partners. The American public will see a direct benefit from this added coordination and investment in the form of cost savings, more plentiful native species, and more opportunity for scientific engagement.

By signing onto the letter on the next page, you will show members of Congress that you and other members of the scientific community support the United States working to combat the wildlife conservation crisis.


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