Call for participation – Co-creation residency
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Questions concerning your experience in co-creation
What experience do you have with teamwork in your art practice? *
Suggested ~30-50 words or a few sentences
Have you ever taken part in residencies, hackathons, creative sprints, Muséomix, or any other similar activity?
If so, please tell us briefly about these activities and your role during these activities.
Questions about your motivation
What resonates with you and motivates you to participate in this residency? *
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Do you have any connections to young adulthood in Montreal-North? *
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Does this residency inspire you or do you have specific project ideas already?
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What interests you with regards to co-creating a participatory art work? *
A participatory art work actively involves the user and invites them to create in turn. The person living the experience is more than just a spectator. It's a new way of accessing art, more intimist and personal.
Questions about your digital art practice
What is your artistic practice and which values are you upholding or supporting through the latter? *
If you like, you may share a link to your website describing your approach. Otherwise, ~100-200 words suggested.
Website links of your productions, artistic projects, online portfolio, LinkedIn?
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raspberry pi
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