The Codru Quest: Your Choice
Survey on the value of benefits from the Codru Nature Reserve, forest, and biodiversity there in relation to their protection and expansion.
Contribute to increase of understanding of people's attitudes to and valuation of benefits from the Codru Nature Reserve and the Codru forest when they are better protected, developed, and expanded through reforestation and biodiversity conservation activities.
Answer the survey completely to have the chance to win a gift voucher of 300 MDL or 300 XP points allowing you to order the prizes of your choice at the MEGA Shop:
Press "Next" to proceed to the survey. It should take you about 15 min. to complete it.
Firstly, we would like to know about your general interest in natural environment and attitude towards nature.
Please answer the questions below.
How would you characterize your own interest in nature and environment protection in general? *
What is your attitude towards: *
Very positive
Very negative
Don't know
Existing Nature Reserves with forests in Moldova?
Expansion of existing Nature Reserves and forests in Moldova?
Establishment of new Nature Reserves with forests in Moldova?
Do you agree or disagree with the following statements? *
Strongly agree
Neither agree nor disagree
Strongly disagree
Don't know
Nature in Moldova is threatened by human activity
Nature in Moldova must have diversity of plants and animals
Nature in Moldova must meet people's demand for outdoor recreation
Nature in Moldova must be preserved for future generations
Concerns for nature should always be prioritized above all others - no matter the cost
Are you a member / activist / volunteer in an environmental organization? *
Now, we would like to know about your experience in nature and specifically in a forest.
Please think about your experience in a forest (Codru or any other in Moldova) that had happened within the year. Especially try to recall your latest visit to a forest that you have made to experience the nature there.
And now, please answer the questions below.
How important are the following elements of a forest for your pleasant experience in it? *
Not important
Somewhat important
Very important
Don't know
Pristine unmanaged forest
Artificially planted and managed forest
Large diversity of plant species
Large diversity of insect species
Presence of small-flowered black hawthorn (Crataegus pentagyna)
Presence of stag beetle (Lucanus cervus)
Trails and infrastructure for recreation
Availability of guided tours in the forest
Availability of a museum of nature
How often have you visited the forest this year? *
What activities did you do the last time you visited the forest? *
How much time did you spend on your last visit to the forest? *
How far do you live from the forest? *
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