Kynren 2017 Sign Up Form
Finally! The time has come for you to say "Yes, I want to be part of Kynren 2017!"

This online form allows you to formally sign up for our Second Season and join our family of volunteers, who we call "Archers". Whether you are new to Kynren or a returning Archer, we are collecting essential information about you, and from there onwards we will find you the best place in Kynren.

So, please follow a few key guidelines:
1- please fill ONE form for person.
2- A parent/legal guardian needs to fill this form for any child who is UNDER 16 AT TIME OF SIGN UP.

In line with the Data Protection Act 1998 all personal information will be kept confidential by Eleven
Arches and only people who require this information within the context of their duties within Kynren will have access to it.

So let's get started, shall we?

Please enter your email address below, and check it is correct. If it contains a mistake, we may never be able to contact you again!

Email address
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