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Taanshi. We know many have faced difficult situations with the MMF and we welcome you sharing your story here. Sharing your story can help in healing, and Red River Echoes are here to create a place for that. However, we are not therapists or able to provide support beyond our words of solidarity.

We may share stories submitted here to help show how common or widespread some experiences and issues are - these may be shared on our website, social media channels, and in discussion papers/letters - but only if you provide your explicit consent.

In order to ensure that we are collecting stories of real people, we ask that you include your name and contact information. Please know that this information will absolutely be kept confidential and will only be known by two responsible individuals who help to lead the Red River Echoes in the event that we need to be in touch with you or to confirm your experience. Unless you provide explicit permission (below), your story will remain anonymous.
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