2017 Student Registration
Thank you for your participation in the Denver Public Schools History Day Regional Contest, which will be held Saturday, March 4, 2016, at Hamilton Middle School! Please fill out the following information completely.

* 6 competition-ready copies of entries in the PAPER CATEGORY are also due to the GT Office by February 15
* Entries in the WEB SITE CATEGORY will be locked for judging at midnight on February 23. Students will not be able to make edits after this date.

Last Name
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First Name
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Project Title
If the entry is a GROUP entry, please be certain that each student registrant uses the exact same title
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Project Type
Note: Junior Division is for grades 6-8 and Senior Division is for grades 9-12
Web Site Contestants Only
Provide your project's web address, adding the eight digit number to http://_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _@nhd.weebly.com (Note: addresses that do not end in @nhd.weebly.com are not eligible to compete)
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Numbers of Participants
How many total people are in your group? (Be sure to count yourself!)
Group Members
If you are participating as a group, please list the first and last name of all group members. Every member of the group is responsible for registering themselves for the contest.
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