Report newly formed sinkhole/chimney features
Early detection and repair of sinkholes and other solution features is critical to ensure the safety of county residents as well as prevent potential contamination of our drinking water.

ACEPD staff can direct residents to local resources (such as licensed professionals in the area who can oversee repairs as needed), or forward the complaint to the responsible entity if the feature is not located on private property.

This form is intended only for NEWLY formed, active sinkhole/chimeny features. Historic sinkholes that existed prior to development activities are protected from disturbance or filling and a natural vegetative buffer is required to prevent impacts to the feature and our groundwater.

Remember, sinkholes are a direct link to our drinking water and are not a place for trash, hazardous materials, or unwanted debris.

For more information on sinkholes and other solution features, or to speak directly with a staff member of ACEPD, call 352-264-6800. You can also report newly formed sinkholes by emailing

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