Natural & Anthropogenic Forces
Work through the following sets of readings dealing with some of the different causes and effects of climate change. All students will do the reading on Milankovitch's theory, then the class will be divided to complete the IPCC readings (which will then be shared between partners). To end students will work through what effect those changes are having on the plants and animals of our planet.
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1. Look over the information from NASA's earth observatory on Milutin Milankovitch's theory of Orbital Variations ( Summarize the theory and explain how planetary shifts lead to climactic variations. *
4 points
Text set 1: Natural Variability of Climate
Read through the report by the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on Natural Variability of Climate ( and answer how each of how climate change has been observed in the following earth systems.
a. Oceans and Sea Level.
2 points
b. Atmospheric composition
2 points
c. Changes in the Cryosphere
2 points
Text Set 2: Human-Induced Climate Variations
Read through the report by the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on Anthropogenic Variability of Climate ( and answer how each of the following natural factors can contribute to climate change.
a. The enhanced greenhouse effect *
2 points
b. Aerosals *
2 points
c. Land-use change *
2 points
Thought Questions
Answer the following series of thought questions connected to the ideas presented in the Milankovitch theory, and then the two IPCC reports.
2. How do the ideas of climate dynamics and the variability of climate connect to the idea to the causes of climate change? (Connect in what impacts an areas climate versus what is causing it to change) *
2 points
3. How do you respond to the argument that what we are witnessing with our climate changing is nothing new, and that humans should not worry? (Support your argument with information from at least one of the articles). *
2 points
Text Set 3: Impact on the Planet's Animals
Read the National Geographic Article "Half of All Species are on the Move" and answer the series of questions below. (
a. explain what factors are forcing animals to extend their ranges. *
2 points
b. Read through the article and explain one of the case studies of a plant or animal that is moving and the effect that it is having on humans or other animals *
3 points
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