DIY Space for London Pre-Renovation Survey
We have successfully applied for a renovation project to be carried out by Volunteer It Yourself (VIY). To help us prioritise what changes/improvements are made to the space we'd like your input!

Please take a few minutes to answer these 20 quick questions about you, your use of the space and which aspects of the space should be improved!

There will be a follow-up survey after the improvements are carried out to help us judge the success of the changes.

All questions are optional :-)
About You Section
So we can capture the demographic of those completing this form. (4 questions)
1. How do you describe your gender?
Your answer
2. How do you describe your ethnicity?
Your answer
3. What is your age?
5. What is your postcode?
Your answer
Your Use Of The Space
To help us understand who is completing this form. (4 Questions)
6. When did you last visit the space?
7. Roughly how often do you visit the space?
8. Why have you visited the space?
You can tick more than one answer
9. What things that happen in the space interest you the most?
Choose as many or as few as you like - you can give the same answer to multiple options.
Very Interested
Quite Interested
Slightly Interested
Not Interested
Spoken Word / Poetry
Socials (pot-luck, first timers, etc.)
Community Events
Printing Collective Facilities
Workshops / Classes
Film Screenings
Live Music / DJs
Volunteering at Events
Markets / Fairs / Swaps
About The Space
The environment and aesthetic - how the space looks and feels. (5 Questions)
10. How would you rate the space as a place to be on the whole?
11. How comfortable do you find the space when attending an event?
Heating, seating, chill-out room, yard area, etc.
12. How do you rate the general appearance of the space?
Decoration, cleanliness, signage, etc.
13. How do you rate the toilets in the building?
14. How do you think the space itself could be improved? Or what would make you attend more regularly?
Your answer
About Your Use of the Space
What you'd like to see more of, what you like or what is preventing you from using the space. (4 Questions)
15. What is your favourite thing about DIY Space for London?
Your answer
16. What would you most like to see more of in the space?
Select as many as you like (in randomised order)
17. Is there anything that prevents or limits you from using or visiting the space?
Your answer
18. If you could change one thing about DIY Space for London, what would it be?
Your answer
How connected do you think the space is to the local community and to the wider DIY community? (2 Questions)
19. To what extent do you think DIY Space for London is part of the local community?
20. To what extent do you think DIY Space for London is part of a wider community (e.g. social centres, diy, queer, punx, etc. i.e. not location based)?
Feedback or Questions
If you have any further comments or would like to ask a question. Please email:
Thanks for taking the time to complete this survey!
This will help us to improve the space for everyone.
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