2020-2021 Clergy-Only Course Application
Each applicant is REQUIRED to send in a letter signed by their Bishop approving of their attendance at the Pope Leo XIII Institute Clergy-Only Courses. Applications will NOT be considered without this letter. Applicants will be able to upload their Bishop's letter at the end of this application.
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Describe your years of ministry: ex: Associate for 3 years, pastor for 11 years, faculty for 2 years, spiritual director 2 years, etc. *
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Have you been mentored by an experienced exorcist in this ministry? *
If yes, by whom and for how long?
Since your appointment as exorcist, how many exorcisms have you participated in (if applicable)?
Have you developed a team to work with you?
As an experienced exorcist, are you willing to mentor priests newly appointed to this ministry? *
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