Survey to Help Reduce Gymnast Exposure to Flame Retardants
Your responses will be used to help improve communications with the gymnastics community and to inform research aimed at reducing gymnast exposure to flame retardants.
What category describes you? (check all that apply)
How useful did you find the webinar?
Do you think the proposed fact sheet for gyms and Fire Marshalls will be useful to the gymnastics community?
What parts of the proposed intervention study do you think would be useful to the gymnastics community? (check all that apply)
How do you prefer to learn about future findings and recommendations?
What approach do you think is most useful improving communication between scientists and the gymnastics community?
In what state is your gym located?
Your answer
Does your gym have a foam pit?
What flammability standards does your Fire Marshall site for foam equipment in your gym?
Which of these pieces of equipment are required to contain flame retardants in your gym? (check all that apply)
Does your gym have a sprinkler system?
If yes, at what height is the sprinkler system?
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Does your gym have a smoke or heat detector? (check all that apply)
If your gym has a smoke or heat detector, please describe where and at what height it is located.
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What is the approximate height of the ceiling in your gym?
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Does your gym have a security system?
How often do you typically wash your hands after a training session?
How often is the TOP of your pit fluffed?
How of often is your WHOLE pit fluffed?
Who typically fluffs the pit in your gym?
How often is your pit cleaned?
Who typically cleans the pit in your gym? (check all that apply)
What type of protective equipment did you notice being worn last time your gym pit was cleaned? (check all that apply)
Are you considering replacing the foam pit in your gym?
If yes, what is currently your preferred option?
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Approximately how many cubes are in the foam pit in your gym?
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If you have any comments or feedback please provide them here:
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If you would like to join our working group please contact us ( or provide your email address here.
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