Campus Fellowship Leadership Application (Fall 2018)
This is an application for students who wish to serve as a leader in Campus Fellowship for the 2018-2019 school year.
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How many credits will you be taking in the fall of 2018? *
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What do you participate in either on campus or off campus besides CF? How many hours per week does each activity take? *
Please include sports, jobs, clubs, and other regular activities.
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How did you become a Christian? *
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Describe your current relationship with God. *
Times in Scripture, your prayer life, close relationships God is using in your life, etc...
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Have you taken the CF Gospel Class?
Have you taken the CF Leadership Class?
Do you regularly attend Walnut Creek Church? *
Do you regularly attend a Bible Study? If so, who are the leaders of that Bible Study? *
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In the past year have you participated in or struggled with any of the following? *
Answering yes to any of these do not immediately disqualify you from serving as a leader. We ask these questions so that we can best know how to help you in your walk with Christ.
If you checked anything above please explain each item marked.
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In the past year have you participated in or struggled with same-sex attraction, sex outside of marriage, pornography, masturbation, sexual fantasies, or lust? *
If so, please explain.
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Are you in a Set Free group? *
If so, have you opened up with your Set Free group leader about that struggle?
What is the gospel? *
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This past year have you disagreed with any of the teachings at either a Bible Study, at the weekly campus service, or at Walnut Creek Church? *
If so, please explain what the disagreement was over, where it was (Bible Study, Campus service, or church), and how you addressed the disagreement.
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Why do you want to be a leader in CF? *
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I will be able to participate in at least 4 of the 5 major events. *
Fall Leadership Retreat (August 18-19), Fall Conference (TBD), Faithwalkers Conference (December 28-31), Spring Break Mission Trip (March 16-24), Epicenter (June-July)
If not, please explain.
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