Marketing Research for Ghana Eat.
Ghana Eat is a small medium enterprise business that specialises in packaging and distributing Fufu flour. As part of our continuous improvement process, this survey is being conducted to know your views as our customers or potential customers about the current website and its products.
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How did you hear about Ghana Eat?
Do you buy online or in a shop?
Upon accessing the website, if you have colour blindness did you find it inconvenient to read the information?
What was your first impression when you logged in to the website?
Not Engaging
Very Engaging
Was it easy to navigate through the website?
Which Fufu packaging do you prefer?
How well does our packaging meet your expectations?
Very High
Which packaging do you prefer for the Fufu Flour?
Which product do you prefer?
What factors helped (will help) in your decision to choose our product?
How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?
Not likely
Very likely
Is there anything missing on the home page?
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Which of our competitors did you consider before choosing us?
Compared to our competitors, are our prices higher, lower or about the same?
Did you encounter any issue during your buying experience?
How visually appealing is the website?
Not appealing
Highly appealing
If you were to review the website what score would you give it out of 5?
Not good
How would you rate the quality of our packaging?
Which alternative brand will you choose if we stopped selling online?
What is your preferred payment method?
What do you like the least about our website?
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What can we do to improve our service?
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How likely are you to visit this website?
What makes us stand out from our competitors?
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Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?
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