Over 30 Clan - Application for Membership
The information captured herein will be used only to validate your eligibility into our community and contact you regarding the status of your application.  We do not sell nor share this information with any 3rd party unless obligated under law.  
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Rules & Code of Conduct
1) You need to be 30+ years old.  Minor exceptions have been made; it does help if you have a referral from an existing member.

2) If you have questions or need help, use the #help channel within our Discord.  DO NOT contact staff for matters that do not require moderation!  We will see your question in the #help channel and respond if needed.

3) Be Respectful! We are all adults so act like it! No racial, ethnic, religious, political or hate speech whatsoever.  We reserve the right to remove a member if their pattern of behavior becomes detrimental to the community.

4) Trash talk is expected as some folks have a more competitive nature. Keep it civil. Locker room type ribbing is OK. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT use vulgar, profane, or obscene communications with children (public lobby or game chat).  Take the high road and imagine if someone spoke that way to your child or relative.

5) Keep usernames tasteful. We’re adults, we swear, we act vulgar sometimes, but if you wouldn’t want your mom or child reading it, DON’T use it.  

6) NO SELF ADVERTISING!  This includes but not limited to: other communities, your YouTube or Twitch channel, products, or businesses.  When in doubt ASK FIRST.

7) No cheating or hacking of any kind in multiplayer games.  Modded controllers with unintended in-game options like rapid fire are NOT allowed. Controllers that simply alter ergonomics, button swaps, etc. are OK (e.g. SCUF).

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