Over 30 Clan - Application for Membership
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Rules & Code of Conduct
1) 30 is the rule. Anyone under the age 30 will require a referral from an existing member. There is a zero-tolerance policy for exceptions so be on your best behavior! 18 and under will NEVER be allowed.

2) DO NOT direct message admins or mods. Chances are your question has been asked and answered 1000 times already. Search our help sections on our website or Discord server first. If you still have questions ask the community in any respective help thread/channel.

3) Be Respectful! We are all adults so act like it! No racial, ethnic, or hate speech whatsoever. Keep excessive swearing, screaming, or any other annoying behavior under control. We’re all here to get away from that sort of thing remember?

4) Don’t get too serious, remember to have fun! That's what this clan is all about. Not everyone will play with similar skill or style as you. Helping those who struggle is encouraged. Ridiculing, name calling, etc. is NOT.

5) Trash talk is expected as some folks have a more competitive nature. Keep it civil. Locker room type ribbing is OK. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT use vulgar, profane, or obscene communications with children (public lobby or game chat). Take the high road and imagine if someone spoke that way to your child or relative.

6) Keep usernames PG-13. We’re adults, we swear, we act vulgar sometimes, but if you wouldn’t want your mom or child reading it, DON’T use it.

7) There are no activity requirements however you need to make reasonable efforts to play with and interact in some fashion with other clanmates (in-game, forum, discord, etc.) This means using a microphone and actually speaking with people (gasp). You are obviously free to play solo or with whomever, but you get what you put in around here.

8) DO NOT advertise for self-interest including but not limited to: other communities, clans, products, or businesses. When in doubt ASK FIRST. DO NOT ATTEMPT to poach recruits / members!

9) DO NOT come here with the intentions of using our community for the sole purpose of growing your streaming presence. You are allowed to stream but if you advertise your stream here you are expected to represent the Over 30 Clan. You will abide by our rules even while streaming and must have some mention of us on your channel (logo, website, etc.) When in doubt ASK FIRST.

10) No cheating or hacking of any kind. Modded controllers with unintended in-game options like rapid fire are NOT allowed. Controllers that simply alter ergonomics, button swaps, etc. are OK (e.g. SCUF).

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