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Remember that you must be scheduled to run four and a half hours of gaming open to four or more players to earn a full weekend complimentary membership. Alternatively you will receive a day membership each day you run a shorter game. Please submit one form for each game. If you would like to run this game multiple times, please indicate it in the comments below.

If you have any questions, please send email to
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Games will, by default, be scheduled to run between 10am and 1:30am during Con, starting each hour and a half (matching programming). If you have different preferences, we will happily accommodate them. Please specify preferences or conflicts here. Also, if you would like to run the same game multiple times during the con, please indicate that below as you make your choices.
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If your games needs special consideration, tell us. (Encore comes to mind, here, along with certain incarnations of Paranoia.) Again, we'll do our best to accommodate.
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