All's Fair III
Sign up for All's Fair III.
To sign up, you will have to submit:
1. a car
2. three preferred tracks to be used in the event.

You may not update your car after submitting it here.

Date and Time
All's Fair III will take place on the 21st and 22nd of October (Saturday and Sunday).
The event will be split up into two sessions, one on each day. Each session will start around 1pm UTC.
The car folder name of the car you submit has to match the car folder name of the car you are going to race with.

Your vehicle may not make the game unplayable for others.
It is also not allowed to make the game crash for others (it is thus forbidden to use out-of-range parameters, e.g. higher or lower than usual numbers for class, transmission, etc.).

You have to install the cars of the other participants, they will be distributed right before the races.

You have to install the tracks on the list which will be announced a few days before the event.

Do not post screenshots or any spoilers of your creation. Do not spoil others' creations.

You have to be member of the Re-Volt Discord server.

1. Racing
You will have to face the others in a series of 5-lap races around tracks selected by all participants.

2. LMS
There are going to be Last Man Standing matches between some of the races.

3. Beauty Contest
The nicest car will be chosen by a poll and a jury. This will take place after the main event.

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