York County School of Technology Class of 2020 Diploma Verification Form
This form is to be used for the purpose of verifying how the name printed on your York County School of Technology diploma should be written. Please complete this form by Monday, September 9, 2019.

The following are examples of acceptable reasons to use this form:
• Accents or Special Characters (e.g. Nuñez or Lucían)
• Abbreviation of Middle name to an initial
• Errors in spacing and/or upper/lower case lettering (Mc Donald)

Please DO NOT use this form for:
Name Changes such as:
• Legal name changes
• Addition of a middle name
• Nicknames or name variations (e.g. Charles to Charlie)
You may request for these types of changes by submitting a name change request to the High School Office. At the time of your request, you will be asked to provide supporting documentation.

*Every effort will be made to accommodate your request, however, some characters may not be available for printing and you will be notified.
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Middle Name(s)/Middle Initial (If not desired, leave blank)
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