GeoNode User Survey

Thank you for participating in this survey on behalf of the OpenDRI initiative.

We are currently in the process of designing a new mapping tool website that will help the World Bank to be able to quickly deploy curated portals in response to events like the Haiti earthquake or drought in East Africa.

This website will build upon the GeoNode platform with a variety of enhancements that will improve the experience for a variety of users. For those who are not familiar with it, GeoNode is an open source platform that facilitates the creation, sharing, and collaborative use of geospatial data. The project aims to surpass existing spatial data infrastructure solutions by integrating robust social and cartographic tools.At its core, the GeoNode has a stack based on GeoServer, Django, and GeoExt that provides a platform for sophisticated web browser spatial visualization and analysis. Atop this stack, the project has built a map composer and viewer, tools for analysis, and reporting tools.

Our goal with this survey is to find out how easy or difficult you find current GeoNode sites to use and determine how best to enhance the experience such that it better meets your needs as a user.

Our Learning Objectives:
Understand what motivates the user to spend time on the site
Understand what makes such a site engaging and useful to the user
Have a better understanding of the type of user that will be engaged with this site
Understand what users find lacking in the current GeoNode design and where improvements can provide the most benefit

In this survey your answers will help us structure and design the new GeoNode experience. Before you complete the survey, please take several minutes (5 minutes for each site) to explore the existing GeoNode deployments:

The survey should take no longer than 20-25 minutes.

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