Basketball Registration - Term 4, 2019
Kia ora parents / caregivers,

If your child is interested in playing Basketball in Term 4, 2019, please read on for all the information and then fill out the below form. Once filled out, press the submit button and all details will be sent through to our school sports coordinator.

The games are played between 4pm & 7pm at the YMCA courts in town. For Year 5 & 6 games are on Fridays and may occasionally be held at the Fraser Tech High School gym when required. For Year 3 & 4, games take place on Wednesday afternoons. There are 5 children on the court at a time and we need a minimum of 7 children to make up a team (allowing for subs). Where possible, we will have no more than 10 children in a team and will have multiple teams, however we will need volunteers for coaching to enable this. It costs $60 per player for the term and children need is a pair of shoes which are court worthy to play in.

For year 5/6 children a uniform is provided to each child playing at the start of the term when we have some available. Unfortunately at the moment with large numbers of children playing basketball, we do not have enough to go around by which case any additional children need to wear a school shirt. It is important the uniforms are looked after to a high standard and are not worn any time other than at the basketball games. If the uniforms are not looked after or not returned there may be a uniform fee of up to $80 charged to you for this.

Year 3/4 children playing basketball are required to wear a school shirt with plain shorts (preferably black). School shirts can be purchased from the school office if your child doesn't already own one.

For all years, normally practices will take place on a Tuesday afternoon 4-5pm at Berkley School Gym, however if your coach is unable to run practices at this time, they may arrange an alternative time and location. You should be contacted by your coach and notified about the practice locations and times at the start of the term.

The first games take place on week 1 of school, for year 3/4 students this is Wednesday 16th October, andyear 5/6 students it's Friday 18th October. The final game of Term 4 is - Friday 6 December, 2019.

When filling out this form, please consider whether you can help out the Basketball team either through coaching or managing. We always seem to need some people to help out, keep score and give the kids some pointers. While usually most people are willing to assist where they can, it is important we have at least one person to take control of each team, without this, the teams cannot be entered into the tournament and your children may miss out on being able to participate.

Thank you for reading through this information. If you are still keen for your child to play, then please fill out the below form. If you have any further questions before filling this out then please email me at

Leigh Mason
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