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Thank you for your interest in The Hoffman Centre for Integrative Medicine. We are honored to be part of your healing journey.
In order for our staff to best assist you, please complete the following questionnaire. Our goal is to empower you to make conscious decisions about your health and wellness.
As a functional medicine practice, we work with you to identify and address the root causes of your health symptoms so that you can reach your wellness goals. Our team has extensive training in functional medicine, nutrition, particularly in regards to Dr. Hoffman’s Seven Stages to Health and Transformation Model ™.
We believe this integral approach allows for true healing. We pride ourselves in addressing the entire person, rather than simply the disease, and in creating authentic partnerships between the client and consultant.
Our practice is unique in the functional medicine field due to our personalized and expanded diagnostic and treatment approaches. These are far more expansive than the services offered by a standard functional or integrative medicine clinic. Dr Hoffman specializes in complex illness and integrating other health care practitioners diagnostic and treatment recommendations into a comprehensive therapeutic roadmap.
Following an intake process that takes between two and three hours, we offer a large array of diagnostic test options, test recommendations, test interpretations, and personalized treatment and wellness programs.
Educating patients on the underlying biochemical pathways that contribute to their health issues is paramount in our approach. Whether you are  newly diagnosed with a health condition or have been on your health journey for many years and are stalled in your efforts to reach true wellness, we invite you to learn more about our services.
This short survey provides us with a snapshot of your needs and desires related to your anticipated outcome.
Upon completion of the survey, one of our patient care assistants will contact you to discuss our services and help you determine how we might best attend to your needs. Please note the questions marked with an asterisk are mandatory.
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To significantly modify your diet and lifestyle, take supplements as recommended, engage in functional medicine laboratory testing, and explore your lifestyle practices and possibly psychological issues in order to make any potential life-transforming changes?
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Please note that this individualized functional and integrative medicine approach has resulted in incredible health transformations for clients in as little as four to six months. Sometimes it may take much longer depending on the age of the patient, the length of time they’ve been ill, the number of organs or biochemical pathways that are affected, and genetic predispositions. Other determining factors include concurrent mental health challenges, defenses and types of resistance faced by the patient regarding self-empowerment, and self-advocacy in doing what it takes to get well, and the support services that are available. One of the major challenges facing patients with complex illnesses that feel as though they’ve been everywhere and seen everyone and who now want a functional or integrative medical approach, is that this approach falls under the mantle of private medicine. In fact, it’s illegal to charge the Canadian healthcare system for what they term an alternative or complementary medicine approach. Dr. Hoffman refuses to manage patients based solely on symptoms and the name of a disease. Furthermore, most patients with complex presentations from other practitioners have very often had woefully inadequate workups and have fallen far short of the number of laboratory tests that are required in order to develop a comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic program. Consequently, in order to achieve maximum insight into disease or symptom processes, Dr. Hoffman conducts extensive laboratory testing with American and European laboratories, which aren’t covered under any healthcare plans. In addition, in his diagnostic workup Dr. Hoffman investigates inherited family system trauma, early developmental trauma, stress responses, psychological profiles and defense mechanisms, in addition to brain and mind/body determinants. This diagnostic approach requires an average emotional and financial investment of between $10,000 and $15,000 in laboratory test costs alone. These costs may be significantly higher if there are many symptoms, multiple diagnoses, and multiple visits to numerous practitioners. Dr. Hoffman will closely study every consultation conducted by previous practitioners, as well as testing carried out within the previous three months and whatever treatments plans have been initiated to date. We require that you assist our staff in compiling a comprehensive past medical dossier. We regret that current medical approaches to illness do not, at this stage of medical knowledge and funding, financially support these programs.
Are you aware that this is a private healthcare facility, with private lab tests and treatment costs that are not funded by Alberta Health Care insurance, other provincial health care insurances, or United States insurance policies? *
(Private insurance companies and/or health trust accounts may cover some of the costs. Making enquiries with these companies and the submission of invoices to them will be your responsibility. Health funding loans are also available from individual companies and banks).
Patients usually visit the Hoffman Centre after having exhausted their options following visits to other health care providers, including those that are traditional or integrative, alternative, naturopathic, or functional in nature, and remain symptomatic with unresolved issues. In order to provide the answers patients require that haven’t been provided by previous assessments, extensive functional medicine laboratory tests will be required. This is especially the case if your presentation is complex, long-standing, and involves multi-systems.

At the Hoffman Centre, we’re unable to provide insights not previously uncovered by previous workups if we can’t measure the full extent of a patient’s biochemical, structural, toxicological, mind-body, emotional, and brain imbalances that weren’t investigated previously. The number of tests required may be considerable, with between four and fifteen different tests ranging from $500 to $3,000 per individual lab test. Please note that individuals with singular issues, such as hormonal imbalances, will not require such an extensive workup.

In every circumstance we attempt to limit testing to the absolutely essential procedures that will provide insights into your disease or symptom profile that are uncovered at your initial half-day appointment. The number of tests required to obtain an assessment of your health most often depend on:

• Your age
• The length of time experiencing symptoms
• The extent of bodily organs involved

Please note, it’s impossible to provide a quote regarding which tests you’ll require without a thorough history and timeline of illness being obtained at your initial appointment, either in-person or on Zoom or a similar online video platform. After this initial meeting to learn more about your history, you’ll be provided with a list of potential tests that will assist in uncovering the potential causes and imbalances, including antecedents, triggers, and mediators, of your symptom profile. Many patients erroneously believe that their symptom complexes or conditions are due to one single factor. We have found through many years of experience, that this is very seldom the case. Furthermore, we stand by our clinical principles of not diagnosing or treating a patient without measuring objectively what factors may be contributing to their symptom complexes. Our staff members that answer phone enquiries will be unable to provide a pre-appointment specific quote for these very reasons. Please note that in every case we attempt to work within a patient’s budget and payment timeline.

Are you financially prepared to complete the tests required to provide insights that were not previously uncovered? *
Please be aware that your credit card will be charged for your initial appointment at the time of booking and not the day of your appointment. We are not able to reserve an appointment time without payment. Please acknowledge. *
Are you able and/or prepared to take action and emotionally and financially invest in yourself to achieve your health goals? *
We’re committed to working with individuals who are dedicated to their health and ready to receive support on their individualized journey to wellness and healing. We’re uniquely poised to uncover and unlock the evolving protocols that will deliver the results you've been seeking.
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This will help us get to know you before we take any further steps to further explore the details of your concerns.
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