FREE Rock Band Class- learn to play guitar, bass, drums, piano, or get vocal coaching in a band setting!
Thank you for registering your child or teen for the Rock Band Class at First United Methodist Church of Burnet! Bands are formed when a group of four or more students sign up, so refer others! Please give as much info as possible, and email for other questions or information. You will be able to edit your response after you submit it, if needed.

Price: FREE!

Classes are driven by the students’ musical interests. The songs that are voted on by the band members are used to teach theory and technique in a band setting, as they learn the song on their individual instruments. Please suggest new songs for the band to learn, and give feedback on other things you would like to learn.

Learning Objectives:

1. Students will learn to channel their musical interests into forming a team-driven project.
2. Students will become skilled at using their particular instrument and/or voice, primarily in the realm of professional improv (utilizing knowledge of musical theory and a hard work ethic).
3. Students will learn to play as a band team, skillfully submitting to each other musically to work towards the common goal of making great music.
4. Students may learn concepts of basic sound engineering in a band setting, such as EQ, multitrack mixing, and setup of amplifiers, instruments and other equipment.
5. Possibility of future studio recording, including audio and video.

All group lessons are held at 301 E. Graves St. (First United Methodist Church of Burnet-

View videos from other band classes here:

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