Call for Proposals - MACTE Spring Collaboration
Friday, April 6, 2018
Call for Presentation Proposals: Due Date is March 23, 2018

This year’s theme across all MACTE gatherings is Amplifying Our Professional Voice through Diverse Perspectives and Partnerships. At the Spring Collaboration, we would specifically like to address on-going challenges within teacher education in three specific areas: diversity, program quality & effectiveness, and technology. We will intentionally unpack these areas of concern by engaging the many diverse voices found throughout the state of Minnesota and represented within our various educator preparation programs. With these three foci in mind, the Collaboration will seek answers to the following questions and insights into the various bullet points found below:


What does the research say about preparing teacher candidates for the diverse classrooms where they will teach?

❖ Ethnic, Cultural, Language Diversity
❖ Sexual Orientation & Gender Expression
❖ Social Class
❖ Religion

Evolution in Educator Preparation Program Effectiveness

How are various programs being assessed in terms of program quality and/or effectiveness?

❖ Teacher Evaluation
❖ edTPA
❖ Reflective Teacher Education Practice
❖ Teaching Effectiveness


While learning technology integration in the classroom is expanding at significant levels, many more traditional teaching strategies and pedagogies are also being transformed to meet the changing needs of current learners in our classrooms. With the innovation strand we encourage proposals that look at teaching practices across a broad range of practices. What are the all-encompassing range of engaging strategies and effective practices that will enable teacher educators to prepare their future teachers for the upcoming demands of learning skills for success in the k-12 classroom?

❖ Strategies
❖ Effective practices in teacher education classes
❖ Applications to k-12 classrooms
❖ Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK)


1. The due date for submission of proposals for the Spring 2018 MACTE Collaboration is Friday, 23 March 2018.

2. Preference, for all proposals, will be given to those that weave an Action Orientation within the chosen sub-strand. Reviewers will look for proposals that clearly refer to the following question: How are educator preparation programs engaging in professional partnerships with k-12 school districts? These partnerships exemplify the breadth of the professional community that prepares and supports excellent new teachers and provides effective education for all students, which is part of MACTE’s overall mission.

3. All presenters are expected to register for the Spring Collaboration.

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