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Trek Relief's 2nd Annual Party with a Purpose fundraising event will host a live art auction with ongoing bidding, set against a backdrop of DJs, live performances, food trucks, bar, silent auction, trinket shop, and more! We would like to provide a space for local artists to sell their art AND raise funds to support our mission at the same time. Would you consider supporting our cause by showcasing your art?

When: Saturday April 20th
Where: Los Angeles (venue TBA)

Event details:


Number of attendees: ~350
Number of artists: 18
Total amount raised: $11,738.13
Video Recap:

This time, we are expecting to surpass last year's attendance! Our audience spans a large network of successful and generous supporters who appreciate our endeavors, love art, and are willing to support our cause. We'd love for you to bring your best pieces to sell at our event!



In return for providing space and our audience, we do ask that artists donate a minimum of 15% of sales made to Trek Relief. If you wish to support our work and donate more than that, that would be so wonderful and appreciated! Donation percentages will be indicated on the bidding sheets.

We will provide:
+ Space for your art
+ Viewers and potential buyers
+ Bidding sheets
+ Artist highlights during the event and on the Facebook event page

Artists will manage everything regarding the sale of their art, and will be responsible for:
+ Bringing their own hanging supplies/display setup, including mounting hardware, extra lights, and label cards
+ Having art ready for viewing by 2pm (anticipate a variety of wall mediums - we will announce soon)
+ Collecting payment and delivering art to the highest bidder during or after the event (auction closes at 12am)
+ Taking home any unsold art
+ Making donations to Trek Relief by April 27, 2019 (Venmo @trekrelief)

*We will do our best to find a venue that provides lighting. However, please be flexible and provide your own lighting (if desired) if we are unable to secure a venue with this feature.

Our goal is to create a relationship that mutually benefits our artists and our cause. Thank you for your generous support and conscious cooperation to make this event a success!



Saturday, April 20, 2019
10:00 am: Art hanging starts. To ensure that your art gets a prime spot, please arrive early. First come first serve.
2:00 pm: Art hanging ends
4:00 pm: Event starts
12:00 am: Art auction closes. All art is taken down by artists. Artists have the chance to deliver art and collect payment from auction winners during the last hour of the event.
2:00 am: Event ends. All undelivered and unsold art is taken home by artists. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ANY ART OR SUPPLIES BEHIND.

Artists will fill out their bidding sheets during artist check-in with the following information:
+ Art piece name
+ Artist name
+ Year
+ Medium
+ Short description/story (if any)
+ Value of piece
+ % donation to Trek Relief (minimum 15%)
+ Starting bid
+ Minimum increments



Mission statement:
Trek Relief partners adventure travelers with global communities to collaborate on mutually beneficial and meaningful service projects.

We seek to empower individual travelers and global communities to make a positive change in the world, one trip at a time.

Our current philanthropic projects include:
+ Rebuilding an earthquake-stricken school in the Nepalese Himalayas // 10 day trek through the Himalayas
+ Funding grassroots environmental initiatives in Mongolia // 12 day Russian UAV camper van tour through Mongolia

Join our adventurous trips by donating or fundraising through our easy platform!


Please feel free to forward this form to any other artists that may be interested in selling their work at our event. The form is a general guideline for us - if you don't have the exact details of your piece figured out just yet, don't worry. We look forward to seeing your creations!

For further information, you can email us at Thank you for your kind support!!

With warm gratitude,

Candice Young
Trek Relief Founder and Executive Director

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