Dota 2 The World League Season 4
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Tournament details
*This amateur tournament is not sponsored, prizepool will based on team registered.
*This amateur tournament is officially published by valve, all the players who registered in this tournament will playing under DotA 2 TV.
*This tournament is for amateur only we ban all immortal players in this season.
*Every player require to have Discord account, Facebook and Steam.
*Every player will communicate under our discord channel to avoid smurf(no new account discord user).


Limit Team: 50 Teams

Venue: Online

Bracket format: Group Stage(13 groups included 2 group contain 3 teams only) > Single Elimination (TOP26)

Bracket sample:

Lobby Setting:
Enable Cheats: OFF
Series Type: No Series
Game Mode: Captains Mode
Starting Team: Auto flip
Penalty-Radiant: None
Penalty-Dire: None
Server Location: Singapore
Spectators: Enable
Dota TV Delay: 5 minutes
10 June 2019 - 4 July 2019 11PM

5 July 2019

6 July 2019 1.00pm - 7.00pm

Checkin 12.00PM - 1.00PM
Groupstage (4team per group, total 13 groups) (Top 2 advance from each group)
Round 1 : 1.00PM - 2.30PM
Round 2 : 2.30PM - 4.00PM
Round 3 : 4.00PM - 5.30PM

7 July 2019 1.00pm - end

Checkin 12.00PM - 1.00PM
Playoff (TOP32)
Round 1: 1.00PM - 2.30PM > TOP
Round 2: 2.30PM - 4.00PM > TOP 16
Round 3: 4.00PM - 5.30PM > TOP 8
SemiFinal: 5.30PM - 7.00PM > TOP 4
GrandFinal: 7.00PM - END (BO3) > GRANDFINAL
How To Register
How to register:
RM 40 per team
(Each team contribute RM32 for prizepool)
(non refundable unless tournament is cancelled)

Bank account
-Tan Chun Chou

After registered, tag your team member in discord
1st place : RM 800 (50% prizepool)

2nd place : RM 480 (30% prizepool)

3rd place : RM 320 (20% prizepool)

Total prizepool RM1600 (50 Teams)
*Each team will contribute RM32 for prizepool
**Prize listed above is based on 50 teams**
Banned Team
Banned team:

-Former/ Current Tier 1 and Tier 2 teams/players.
-Have played in TI or major VAlVE event qualifier TOP16.
-Immortal rank MMR player are banned from this tournament(This rank seaon).
-Previous The World League champion player.
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