Cambridge Dancers' Club Lent Registration
This year we are having to handle memberships and payments online. If you submit this form you are deemed to have "signed" it for the purposes of agreeing to follow our normal health & safety policy (whether online or in-person, outdoors or indoors). Each person must fill in their own form. You cannot "sign" for someone else. By law, we need more contact details than usual: name, email and phone number if you are attending anything in person. Note that you won't be able to receive club emails if you use hotmail or outlook addresses because those providers now block all bulk mailings.See more club information on our website:

If you paid for 2020-1 membership last term (Michaelmas) it is still valid this term (Lent). Otherwise the membership fee for the remainder of the academic year is £15. The DanceSport beginners Ballroom & Latin recordings are still available for free with membership to new joiners. Continuing as DanceSport improvers or intermediates costs £10 per course in Lent. The competitive rock'n'roll is £32 for the whole 9 weeks or £5 per session payable to CURnR rather than CDC but you do still need club membership. We have a few free short class options too - but still only for club members.

This term's classes are initially going to have to be online via Zoom - so you don't even need to be in Cambridge but you will need to make sure you have enough safe space around you. The DanceSport Ballroom and Latin beginners-improvers will also be able to view YouTube recordings of the taught portion of online sessions later if the interactive timeslot doesn't work for you but we're abandoning recordings for the intermediates. We'll bring back practice spaces whenever we're able to do so.

If your application for club membership and class registration is successful, we will email you an invoice with bank payment details to use. Once this has been processed, you will then be on the relevant class list for receiving the online Zoom details.
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