NBISD Choir Mandatory Forms
Please review and complete the following information. This form includes the information and permissions for:

NBISD Choir Travel Form
NBISD Choir Handbook Acknowledgement Form
NBISD Choir Media Release Form
By entering my name below, I am certifying that my child has my full permission and consent to attend all NBISD Choir Activities sponsored by any of the Choir Departments of New Braunfels High School, NBHS Ninth Grade Center, New Braunfels Middle School, or Oak Run Middle School. These activities will be held on various and numerous dates and locations during the 2019-2020 school year.

I hereby release New Braunfels High School, NBHS Ninth Grade Center, New Braunfels Middle School, Oak Run Middle School, the NBISD, and/or their agents from any liability for injuries or fatality suffered by my child while he/she is under the supervision of a teacher or sponsor on these various activities.

The sponsor has my permission to take my son/daughter to a hospital or physician in case an emergency should arise, and is authorized to give consent of treatment as this sponsor deems necessary or appropriate.

All rules and regulations listed in the Student Handbook and all other School Policies and Choir Policies are in effect on all school trips and choir activities. Additional rules may be added by the teacher/sponsor related to but not limited to:

• the use of tobacco
• the use of alcohol
• the use of drugs
• fraternization
• curfews
• acceptable apparel
• conduct
• transportation to/from events
• pickup/dropoff times and instructions
By entering the required information in this form, both choir parent/guardian and choir student are acknowledging that they have read and are aware of the policies and requirements for membership in the New Braunfels High School, New Braunfels Middle School, or Oak Run Middle School Choir. We understand that additional performances and rehearsals may be added during the course of the year and these may be required as a component of the choir grade. Changes in the original calendar/schedule for my school choir will be posted with as much advance notice as possible. We understand that we can access UnicornChoir.org and Charms Office Assistant online at charmsoffice.com in order to obtain necessary information and meet requirements as posted.
During the school year opportunities arise to celebrate and affirm NBISD Choir programs and events such as concerts, auditions, competitions, and fundraisers. In the spirit of sharing, the Choral Department may choose to provide positive information and publicity to the general public or specific audiences regarding these and other types of events in which the choir(s) may be involved.

Promotion of the Choir Department’s programs, events, and successes may include area television, radio, newspapers, online, the NBISD website, Unicorn Pride, and the Choir’s website. If you have any questions, please contact your child's choir director, New Braunfels High School Choir Director Caitlyn Gallegos by email at CGallegos@nbisd.org or the NBISD Director of Communications, Rebecca Villarreal at (830) 643-5762.
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By entering my name and information below, I acknowledge that I am the legal guardian for the student listed above and give my permission and consent as described in this document.
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