2018 AnimeIowa "Hobbies Department" Panel Submission Form
2018 AnimeIowa Hobbies Department Panel Submission Form
That’s right! 2018 AnimeIowa Hobbies Department Panel Submissions are now open! Ever wanted to run a panel with friends or have an interest in seeing something done at AnimeIowa? Then step right up and submit anime hobby themed ideas anytime!

Running a panel can be a lot of fun, and generally the format of the panel is up to you. However, AnimeIowa does have some general rules and guidelines that need to be followed if you wish to have your panel accepted.

1. AnimeIowa is a family-friendly convention. All general panels are expected to be PG13. If you wish to hold a mature panel it must be marked 18+ in your submission and be able to be held to our 18+ Panel Rules.
2. Panel subjects must be related to Japanese or Fandom Culture and must be hobby themed.
3. All panels must be submitted with an outline. You don’t have to tell us step by step what your panel will be, but the more details provided the better. Good outlines make good panels.
4. No solicitation. Panels are meant to be fun events for all attendees not to promote businesses.

And that’s the main rules for submitting and hosting a panel at AnimeIowa! Have further questions? Send an email to animehobbies@animeiowa.com

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing all of you at AnimeIowa 2018!

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