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Listing Appointment Qualification
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1. Are you in direct contact with, and have you confirmed this appointment with the actual sellers (person(s) on title) of the home? *
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3. What is the deadline they have in mind for getting their home sold? *
4. Has your client interviewed other agents? If yes, how many? *
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5. Have they already signed or promised the listing to another agent? *
6. What type of listing is this? *
7. Are they a past client? How did you meet them? *
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8. Will all the decision makers be present at the appointment? Who all is on title? *
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9. Are there any liens, or debts against the home that would prevent the timely sale of the property? *
10. Is this a distressed property? Does it currently have a Notice Of Default or Notice Of Trustee Sale? Is it in danger of becoming a Short Sale or going into foreclosure? *
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